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TBS Renewing 'Cougar Town' for a Fifth Season Means There's Hope for 'Happy Endings'

TBS announced yesterday that they've greenlit a fifth season of Cougar Town, which means the cable network's move to rescue the low-rated ABC show paid off. This is great news for all ratings-challenged network shows, but especially for Happy Endings, another critically-acclaimed ABC series that is on the verge of cancellation this season.

Cougar Town debuted its fourth season on TBS in January, and the show's been averaging 2.8 million viewers an episode (and 1.7 mil with adults 18-49), which isn't too far from the numbers it was earning on ABC. Cougar Town is currently TBS's top-rated original primetime show ever with both adults 18-49 and total viewers. The fact that the network [...]

Michelle Williams to Swing by 'Cougar Town' with a Giant Glass of Wine

Michelle Williams and Busy Philipps are besties, apparently, so it only makes sense that Williams will come on by Busy's show, Cougar Town, for a visit. There's nothing official yet, but she said that "I really want to. I'm sure that we will at some point. I think they've got a couple more years on the show, so, I think we can find a way." Sounds fun!

TBS Might Become 'Cougar Town's' New Hometown

These were gloomy days over in Cougar Town but things might be turning around. Cancellation wasn't certain but it was likely, as their numbers are around an NBC-esque 1.3 18-49 rating and the fact alone that ABC shortened its episode order this year, relegating it to a midseason replacement. It's being reported that TBS, home of the cable powerhouse known as old episodes of Big Bang Theory, are in talks to pick it up. The deal would be for two 15-episode seasons, which would put Cougar Town right in line for syndication. This is great news for an oft-overlooked show and television in general. We talk a [...]

Scrubs, Cougar Town Creator Cranks Out Another One

Creator of Scrubs and Cougar Town Bill Lawrence sold a show to Fox reports Deadline, his second project to sell this season after CBS purchased a workplace comedy from him. The single-camera comedy is apparently "inspired by Lawrence’s real-life experiences" and focused on "a father-son relationship," which I again must fervently hope will involve surgically attaching a dad's living head to his teenage son's body. America is ready for a hook like that, right? It'd be like The Thing With Two Heads, minus the racism, plus heartwarming family moments.

Fun Thing to Buy of the Day: 'Cougar Town' Season 3

Season 3 of Cougar Town is out on DVD this week, and if you've already taken the time to get over that off-putting name, you should probably go ahead and pick it up. The Courteney Cox and Busy Philipps-starring sitcom made its debut on TBS this January and if a show is good enough to get booted off of network TV only to have basic cable come to its rescue, it's probably good enough for your DVD shelf.

Bill Lawrence Stepping Down as 'Cougar Town' Showrunner When it Moves to TBS

Cougar Town was saved from the clutches of cancellation at ABC by TBS, who picked the show up for a ten-episode season on basic cable. But a network home isn't all its losing — show creator and showrunner Bill Lawrence is set to step down when production ramps up for the new season. He'll still be involved somewhat, as he's said to plan on being "actively involved in the creative direction of the show," but as for a big kahuna, it'll be someone else. It's not clear who yet, but I'm sure whoever it is will be perfectly able and very comfortable with writing about drinking lots of [...]

Bill Lawrence on Tricking Networks Into Airing Good Comedies

Bill Lawrence – the creator of Scrubs, Cougar Town, and two new pilots – gives a big insiders' look in this interview at the process of making network television and how drastically a show or character can change in its first season. Here's his description of how Cougar Town came to be:

…I said, “You know what sucks? I can’t sell my passion project. But if I go to [ABC President] Steve McPherson right now and said” — and this was just off the top of my head — “‘I’ve got a Courteney Cox comedy, she just got divorced, she never had her 20s, and she’s gonna [...]

Check Out Abed from Community's Amazing Cameo on Cougar Town

Remember when, earlier this season on Community, Abed had a long monologue about the time he had a background role on his favorite show, Cougar Town? Well, on last night's season finale of Cougar Town, we got to see Abed's moment in the sun. And it's amazing, with him staring right into the camera and running away. How confusing must this have been for Cougar Town fans who have never seen Community? Which is to say, most Cougar Town fans, probably? That just makes it that much funnier.

'Cougar Town' Announces Its TBS Start Date

After moving from ABC, Cougar Town is set to make its TBS premiere on January 8. Crack open some a lot of wine to celebrate.

'Cougar Town' Now Located in TBS City

As we speculated earlier, Cougar Town is officially moving from ABC to TBS for 2013. The deal is for one 15-episode season, with the possibility of a second. This is the second time, after Scrubs, one of Bill Lawrence's shows has switched networks, which is particularly impressive, considering it almost never happens. I hope TBS is ready for all the campaigns that will come their way, trying to get them to save every failing cult sitcom.

The Cougar Town Gang Will Troop Back to the Cul de Sac Starting Feb. 14

Just as we suspected, Cougar Town will replace the late, great Work It Tuesdays at 8:30 on ABC, effective Feb. 14. Welcome back, Penny Can Players.

ABC Adding a Three-Hour Comedy Block to Wednesday Nights

NBC isn't the only network adding a supersized 3-hour comedy block to their schedule; ABC is doing the same thing on Wednesdays starting in February. Matthew Perry's new sitcom, Mr. Sunshine, is taking Cougar Town's place while it takes a brief hiatus, then new comedy Happy Endings airs at 10pm followed by "fan favorite" episodes of Modern Family.