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The Inside Story of Whiplash, One of New York's Best and Most Influential Standup Shows

"Whiplash is like a magical kingdom where laughs run free and jelly beans are the main form of currency," says comedian Aparna Nancherla, of UCB's late night standup show. For half a decade, Whiplash has consistently proven itself as an exciting and eclectic show that stands out even in the city's buzzing comedy scene, a favorite of megastar names like Louis C.K. and Chris Rock as well as a reliable well-spring for the next big stars — the likes of Pete Holmes and Kumail Nanjiani were once regulars. It's the reason that Splitsider turned to Whiplash for our first concert film, where host Leo Allen welcomed Jared Logan, Sheng [...]

Rob Huebel and Paul Scheer Are Turning Their Live Show, Crash Test, Into a TV Special Taped on a Giant Glass Bus

Human Giant duo Rob Huebel and Paul Scheer are turning their long-running live show Crash Test into a TV special, and they're filming it on a 60-foot glass bus with their heads painted on the side of it. Over the weekend, they were filming the special around LA in the bus and inviting fans to come watch the show in various locations via Twitter. Crash Test is a live comedy show that Huebel and Scheer started doing at the UCB Theatre in NYC and brought to LA in 2008, where they've been hosting it ever since.

Check out a photo of the Huebel and Scheer with the big glass [...]