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Samuel L. Jackson Blames His 'SNL' Cursing on Kenan Thompson

Here's Samuel L. Jackson on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night. When Kimmel asks him about him saying the word "shit" and half of the word "fuck" on SNL Saturday, Jackson explains, "[Kenan Thompson] was supposed to cut me off… I'm used to working with professionals who know their lines, even the ones that are written on cue cards in front of you." So, I guess Kenan should pitch in to help NBC pay any FCC fines?

It's Decorative Gourd Season, Motherfuckers

McSweeney's republished it's classic seasonal piece "It's Decorative Gourd Season, Motherfuckers" today. If you are unfamiliar, you really should get on board: I don't know about you, but I can't wait to get my hands on some fucking gourds and arrange them in a horn-shaped basket on my dining room table. That shit is going to look so seasonal. I'm about to head up to the attic right now to find that wicker fucker, dust it off, and jam it with an insanely ornate assortment of shellacked vegetables. When my guests come over it's gonna be like, BLAMMO! Check out my shellacked decorative vegetables, assholes. Guess what season it [...]