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This Week in Web Videos: 'Dad Rap'

Sam Reece and Becky Chicoine are many things. They're humans, they're women, they're writer/creator/actors, and…AND they're really funny.  Perhaps most of all, though, Sam Reece and Becky Chicoine are Girls with Brown Hair. What does that mean? Well, first, it means they're brunettes. Obviously. Like…what? Obviously. It also means they're the duo responsible for an impressive cache of smart, well-written web comedy that's not getting its due. With just 138 channel subscribers, Sam and Becky are a prime example of top-tier talent being beaten down by the noise of YouTube make-up tutorials. Luckily, Splitsider's here and we've got a promise to make you: once you watch Sam and [...]

Fox Picks Up 'Dads' For the Rest of the Season

Proving yet again that critical savaging is no barrier to success, Fox has picked up sitcom Dads for the rest of the season. The Seth MacFarlane-produced and Alec Sulkin-written show received an order for the final nine episodes of its first season. Fox exec Kevin Reilly said that the network viewed the show as "an asset that we can grow."

The show's ratings Dads have been mediocre, though its done fairly well in the hard-to-reach audience of young men. It's also suffered from comparisons its fellow freshman sitcom, critical darling Brooklyn Nine-Nine, which received its full season order a week earlier.

Fox Ignores Pleas to Make 'Dads' Less Racist

Last week, an Asian-American watchdog group called for Fox to reshoot offensive scenes in the pilot of its new Seth MacFarlane-produced sitcom, Dads. Today, Fox execs wrote a public letter back that didn't mention reshooting the scenes, meaning that the pilot will most likely go unedited before its September 17th premiere. Here's a bit from Fox's letter:

"You will see that Brenda Song’s character is a strong, intelligent, empowered young woman who basically runs the company, and who almost always gets the upper hand on the guys …

"This is a show that will be evocative and will poke fun at stereotypes and bigotries — sometimes through over-the-top, [...]

Left Handed Radio: 'Margot Sullivan-Chesterfield's African Drum Explosion'

On this episode: Dealbreaker!, a commercial for the all-new Latteatto, the WLHR Telethon, Frasier sings other theme songs, a man makes a bit of a flub when dialing 911, a man tries to buy a gun, "FriendZone!" the cool game for nice guys, an ad for Weekend Dad Beer, and two people profess their love to its limit.

Left Handed Radio is written and performed by Adam BozarthDan ChamberlainMatt Little, and Anna Rubanova, with Joe Stanton

See the next Sequel Machine show live: Die Hard 6. UCB Theater East, 3rd Street & Avenue A. Thursday, February 7th, 11:00 PM.

That's My Boy Trailer: "You Puked On My Dress and Then Fucked It!"

Waaaazzzzaaaap. Just when we least expected it, there's a movie coming out on June 15 in which Adam Sandler plays Andy Samberg's deadbeat dad. And judging by the trailer, it's not pulling any punches when it comes to gross-out humor. This Father's Day, thank your dad for teaching you how to be a real man! A bong-hitting, ear-piercing, hair-growing, Jacuzzi-sunglassing, no-shit-taking, woman-hating MAN. Burp.

Fox Cancels 'Dads', 'Surviving Jack', and 'Enlisted'

It's a sitcom bloodbath over at the Fox network. THR reports that Fox has canceled Dads, Enlisted, and Surviving Jack, three out of four new sitcoms the network launched this season (the fourth, Brooklyn Nine-Nine was given a season two renewal months ago).

Dads' cancelation isn't really a surprise considering that Fox cut its episode order midway through the season and the show hasn't been very popular with critics or viewers. Enlisted was well-liked with critics but didn't receive enough viewers to overcome the terrible Friday night slot the network gave it while Surviving Jack received mixed reviews and also got low ratings.

The network also passed on [...]

TV Critics Really, Really, Really Hate 'Dads'

Fox's new sitcom Dads has come under a lot of fire for its crude racial stereotypes, but a lot of critics are more upset by just how unfunny the Seth MacFarlane-produced show is. The consensus seems to be that, while the cast are all talented actors, their characters would be better suited to the animated world that MacFarlane's creations generally inhabit. The A.V. Club suggests this is partly due to the studio audience, since "the protective remove of animation is absent in a multi-camera sitcom, where the audience becomes an additional character. Worse, in the second episode, it sounds like that audience consists of about 35 drunks who’ve been coached [...]

Asian-American Group Wants Seth MacFarlane's New Show 'Dads' to Reshoot Racist Scenes

Seth MacFarlane's new sitcom, Dads, hasn't hit the airwaves yet, but it's already experiencing trouble. Guy Aoki, founding president of watchdog group MANAA,  the Media Action Network for Asian Americans, wrote a public letter to Fox yesterday asking for scenes he deemed racist in the pilot for the live action Seth Green/Giovanni Ribisi sitcom to be reshot.

"Our community can't continue to be the target of racially insensitive jokes," writes Aoki. He also mentions the poor early reviews the pilot has received from critics, adding, "We are asking you to reshoot the inappropriate scenes of the pilot. Considering the consistent feedback from our community and television critics in general – and [...]

Lenny Bruce Didn't Have the Best Relationship with His Dad

Eesh. Here's a letter that Lenny Bruce wrote to his father upon facing jail time for a drug conviction in 1964. It's…dark. Dear Father,

This is the story of a boy and his father who spoiled him. He would want a bike, and his father would bring him one home: and if it wasn't to the boy's liking, he would throw it down on the ground and say, "I don't want that cheap old bike." And he would kick its spokes and jump on it: and the poor father would say, "Alright, my son, I'll work 24 hours a day and get you a nicer one." The [...]

Happy 9/02/10!

It's 9/02/10, or 90210 day. The internet is littered with crap about the show today, but this story by comedian Dave Holmes about a very serious 90210 fan is truly great: "Three weeks later, I brought a dish and had dinner with Nicki, her roommate and a couple of the roommate’s friends from work. We watched 9-0, and then Nicki retreated to her room and we listened outside. 'Dad, I have to disagree with you. I think that Kelly was absolutely justified in reacting that way. You know how she was raised.'"

Fox Reduces ‘Dads’ First Season to 19 Episodes

It looks like the future of Fox’s new Seth MacFarlane-produced sitcom Dads is not so great after all. According to Deadline, the network has cut the season down to 19 episodes (following a full 22-season order in late October) to make room for Glee come February. It’s an unsurprising move considering Dads’ status as Fox’s lowest-rated freshman sitcom and the target of much critical backlash for its reliance on racial stereotypes and general unfunniness, not to mention the comparative success of Andy Samberg’s Brooklyn Nine-Nine and Fox’s currently overcrowded lineup. Fox chairman Kevin Reilly stuck up for Dads in October by calling it “an asset [...]

'Brooklyn Nine-Nine' Bested 'Dads' In the Ratings Last Night

Fox debuted it's new comedy block last night, and Andy Samberg's new cop sitcom Brooklyn Nine-Nine did pretty well, pulling in six million viewers. It also was the most watched show by men under 50 on broadcast television last night. It followed the controversially racist Dads, which pulled in about 5.5 million, as did the season premiere of New Girl.

But it was New Girl that did best in the key demographic of 18- to 49-year-olds, scoring a 2.9 rating in comparison to Brooklyn's 2.5 and Dads' 2.1. Meanwhile, the premiere of The Mindy Project, which had made available online and on VOD early, pulled in 1.9 in the [...]

Seth Green to Star in Seth MacFarlane's New Show 'Dads'

Seth Green and Seth MacFarlane are making a live action show together. Green has been cast in the lead role in Dads, a Fox sitcom from MacFarlane that has been given an early six-episode order for the fall. The multi-camera comedy follows two successful guys in their 30s (Green and Mindy Project's Tommy Dewey) whose dads (Martin Mull and Animal House's Peter Riegert) show up uninvited and move in with them. MacFarlane is serving as executive producer, and his Ted co-writers Wellesley Wild and Alec Sulkin wrote the script. This will be Seth Green's first regular role in a live action TV show since the short-lived NBC sitcom Four [...]

Zosia Mamet Tells Conan that David Mamet Was Exactly the Dad You'd Expect

Nepotism shmepotism. People have complained about how the stars of Girls have famous parents, which is a dumb thing to complain about, but regardless the upside is these actresses tell hilarious stories about their dads. Like how David Mamet's only acting advice was that "acting school was bullshit." Apparently, school in general was bullshit, as he pushed his daughters to drop out of high school. Zosia seems like she's doing OK and she also curses a ton (as can be seen in the clip below) – David must be super proud.