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'Brooklyn Nine-Nine's First Season Lives Up to Its Hype

Brooklyn Nine-Nine premiered with an entertaining-enough premise, a cast that seemed to have a natural chemistry, and some established cred behind the camera in co-creator Mike Schur. When the show and its star won Golden Globes in February, a shift could be felt in the televerse. This was no longer a TV show featuring the work of comedy darlings whose main fan base is readers of a site like this, but now a critically-acclaimed, mainstream, award-winning sitcom. Tack onto that an early season two pickup, and the game had completely changed.

What Brooklyn Nine-Nine has always had to its advantage is an ensemble of talented actors [...]

Andy Samberg, Mike Schur, and the Rest of the Gang on What to Expect from 'Brooklyn Nine-Nine'

Featuring an impressive cast led by Andy Samberg and created by Parks and Rec's Mike Schur and Dan Goor, Fox's Brooklyn Nine-Nine is far and away the most promising new comedy of the fall. The cast and crew spoke to reporters today at the TCA press tour, explaining what to expect from the series. Here are some highlights (via Variety, E Online and Zap2It):

"This is not like Police Squad, as big a fan as I am of Police Squad. This is a workplace comedy that happens to be set in a police precinct, is the simplest way to put it. The idea is that they're real cops [...]

Andy Samberg and Mike Schur's Cop Comedy Ordered to Pilot by Fox

The Fox network just ordered a pilot for a cop comedy starring Andy Samberg and created by Parks and Recreation co-creator Mike Schur and Parks writer/producer Dan Goor. Samberg signed on to the show last year, but now it's one step closer to making it to your TV screens this fall. Samberg is playing a lead detective in the untitled series, overseeing a diverse group of detectives at the edge of New York City. This is the first pilot order Fox has give for the 2013-14 TV season, and it's a strong contender to get picked up to series. Stay tuned as the supporting roles in [...]

Talking to 'Brooklyn Nine-Nine' Co-Creator Dan Goor

Network TV's best new sitcom, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, sure has had a successful first season. In its inaugural year, Brooklyn won two Golden Globes, received an early renewal for a second season, and got to air an episode in the coveted post-Super Bowl slot.

I recently chatted with Brooklyn Nine-Nine's co-creator and showrunner, Dan Goor, who got his start working on The Daily Show and Late Night with Conan O'Brien before becoming one of Parks and Recreation's key writers and eventually co-creating Brooklyn Nine-Nine with Parks mastermind Mike Schur. Goor and I discussed the future of Brooklyn Nine-Nine, what makes a good sitcom pilot, and having your [...]

Watch a Trailer for Andy Samberg's New Fox Show 'Brooklyn Nine-Nine'

Sure, it's not as big of a deal as today's new Arrested Development trailer, but this is still pretty exciting. This is the trailer for Brooklyn Nine-Nine, a workplace comedy set at an NYC police precinct that stars Andy Samberg and was created by Mike Schur and Dan Goor (Parks and Rec). It's far and away the most promising new comedy of the season, with a Fred Armisen cameo in the pilot to boot.

Hit the jump for the trailer to Seth MacFarlane's new Fox show, Dads, starring Seth Green, Giovanni Ribisi, and Martin Mull, and other new Fox shows Enlisted and Us & Them:

Fox Wins Mike Schur Cop Pilot

On Friday, we told you that all the networks were fighting over a cop sitcom created by Parks & Rec top dawgs Mike Schur and Dan Goor. Well, Fox won! Fox is sure in the game of winning the type of comedies that previously would've went to NBC. Another interesting wrinkle is hours before making this deal with Fox, Mike Schur signed an overall deal with Universal. So, even though NBC might've lost out on the show, ultimately the company is still going to make money on it. Add in the fact that NBC is moving away from hipper comedies in favor of broad farces and sad [...]

Michael Schur Talks About Andy Samberg Playing a More Grounded Character in 'Brooklyn Nine-Nine'

Michael Schur and Dan Goor, the creators of the upcoming Brooklyn Nine-Nine, talked to Alan Sepinwall about the show and what it's like taking a goofy sketch writer/actor like Andy Samberg and casting him in a more grounded sitcom. I think he likes goofing around a lot. Like he looks goofy in three-minute videos. And there were a lot of similarities i between what the kind of thing he was looking to do and the kind of thing Amy was looking to do when we started Parks and Rec. You work at SNL for seven years and you have a great time. And you do a lot of [...]

Terry Crews to Star in Andy Samberg's Fox Pilot; Phil Lord and Chris Miller Will Direct

Actor and former NFL player Terry Crews has just been added to the cast of Andy Samberg's untitled Fox pilot, according to Deadline. Phil Lord and Chris Miller, the team behind 21 Jump Street and Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, have also joined up to direct the episode. The addition of these three adds a lot of heat to what's already looking like one of the season's most promising pilots. Crews, who starred in TBS's Are We There Yet? and recurs on The Newsroom, received three pilot offers before choosing the show, and Lord and Miller are highly sought-after feature directors who rarely have time to work [...]

Cop Sitcom from 'Parks and Rec' Big Shots Is Exciting a Bidding Frenzy

Parks & Rec showrunner Michael Schur and co-executive producer Dan Goor have created a single-cam comedy about a bunch of detectives who work at the far edges of New York City. (I hope the actors like shooting in Queens.) This pitch is driving the big four networks wild, probably because it comes from a duo who oversees television's best sitcom. Detective in some New York outer borough: sounds like a job for Burt Macklin!