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A Modern Dance Analysis of the 'Arrested Development' Chicken Impressions

Curtains up on the Bluth family’s dusty plateau that overlooks tens of deserted acres of land. George Sr., the Bluth family patriarch, is a secretary-seducing money launderer who’s dabbled in commercial corn-balling and light treason, doing his best to stay in charge from behind the bars of a prison his Bluth company once built. As his family of freaks and never-nudes undermine one another and struggle to make a quick buck without Pop-Pop to provide, they do their darndest to redefine themselves, survive and come out on top.

The most paradigmatic Bluth power play takes the form of commanding and unswerving passes at The Chicken. Each dancer, her own [...]

Chris O'Dowd and Nick Frost to Strap on Rival Dancing Shoes

In more British funny things news… What do you think of when you hear Chris O'Dowd (Bridesmaids) and Nick Frost (Shaun of the Dead)? Rival salsa dancers! No? Well, get read to start thinking that because the unlikely pair has signed on to star in Cuban Fury, a new comedy from the producers behind Hot Fuzz. Frost plays a former dance legend whom was usurped by O'Dowd, of course. It will shoot after Frost shoots The World's End, the last in the Simon Pegg/Edgar Wright trilogy. The film was written by Jon Brown, who previously wrote on the British series Misfits. The movie is going to be so British. [...]