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TJ Miller's Tweets Re: Dane Cook's Standup Set Last Night Are Fairly Upsetting

Yeesh. Apparently Dane Cook showed up to the Improv in LA last night and performed a pretty angry set. TJ Miller tweeted a lengthy response that continued this morning, noting that Cook talked about not paying for an abortion and "finding some whore to fuck to take out his anger at his ex girlfriend." (Ali Waller also tweeted about how glad she was to "hear the story about how he 'chainsaw-fucked' a 'disgusting whore's cunt.'") Guess Cook decided not to take a break from standup after all.

Dane Cook Is Hanging Up the Mic For a While

You might not have noticed that Dane Cook hasn't been performing or writing any standup since February, but it's true. He says he's "taken it everywhere I've wanted to take it" and wants to focus instead on projects like the dramatic indie film Answers to Nothing and, of course, his upcoming NBC sitcom premiering in the fall. Be careful when you read that profile if you're committed to hating Dane Cook, though, because its description of his financial struggles after his parents both died and his brother-slash-business manager screwed him over might actually make you feel a little sympathetic for him. Just a little.

Why Dane Cook Appearing on Louie Is So Strange and Fascinating

With Dane Cook set to guest star on Louie tonight, Vulture thought it would be a good idea to give a bit of a primer on the troubled relationship between Louis CK and Cook. It is! Essentially, it boils down to this: Cook has been accused of stealing a few of Louis' jokes from 2001's Live in Houston for his 2005 album Retaliation. Cook has denied it, most notably on his infamous WTF Episode, and Louis doesn't seem to be holding much of a grudge about it these days. So tonight's episode should be interesting, to say the least.

Dane Cook Is Coming to Class Up Broadway

With this Spiderman musical coming early next year looking like a huge, expensive disaster, Broadway really needs to get its dignity back, right? It's time to get back to its roots! Legitimate thee-ay-ter! Well, here's you go: Dane Cook is set to star a Neil LaBute play on Broadway. Who says theater is dead?

Louis C.K., Dane Cook and Chris Rock Remember Patrice O'Neal

Patrice O'Neal's friends paid tribute to him over the weekend on Opie and Anthony along with guest host Jim Norton. You can listen to Louis C.K., Chris Rock, and Dane Cook's memories of Patrice here. Opie and Anthony also explain how to help out his family by buying Mr. P, which got its name because that's what his stepdaughter used to call him.

If NBC Cancels Community and Replaces It With a Dane Cook Sitcom, I Quit

NBC has gone and done it: they're giving Dane Cook his own sitcom. Yes, Dane! (not really the title, at least not yet) is on track for a premiere in the 2012-13 season. Cook has been given a development deal, so it's still very early in the process and may not actually happen. But hey, let's keep an open mind. It could be great, right? Maybe he'll take a cue from his new buddy Louis CK and become TV's next experimental comedy auteur. Or maybe he'll make a multicam sitcom about him being the only single bro left of all his buddies, who are now totally whipped by [...]

This Week on Louie: Louis Meets Dane Cook

Well, this looks pretty amazing.

Dane Cook on Aziz Ansari's Randy Character, Who May or May Not Be Based On Him

Here's an interesting quote from The Comic's Comic's interview with Dane Cook, specifically in light of the New Yorker profile on Aziz Ansari and his Randy character: "I saw Funny People for the first time about two weeks ago on cable. I sat down and said, I'm going to finally figure out what this is all about. And you can always tell when someone is having a little bit of fun with you. But I watched it, and this actually reminded me more of some of the Def Jam guys. I've never had music. I've never had sound effects, and stuff like that, playing with a guy [...]

Dane Cook on His Louie Scene and How He's A Hipster Comic

Dane Cook continues to shift into the next phase of his career by reflecting on the past. Here's his take on why so many comics aren't a fan:

I think a lot of the animosity is because I’m actually, at my core, one of those hipster comics. I am one of those alt-guys. I speak their language. I was just as outcast-worthy as any of them. But I broke through on a mainstream level. I started to use that kind of alt-y mentality of like, “I’m just going to hang out up here. It’s not going to be rehearsed.” I don’t rehearse. I don’t write my jokes down. [...]

Louie Recap: "Oh Louie/Tickets"

On a different, lesser show, one more like Oh, Louie starring Bob Saget, Louie C.K. and Dane Cook would have envied one another, wishing they had what the other possesses. In Louie's case, it’s riches and a double platinum album; for Dane, it’s to be seen as a comedian's comedian, to maybe not be able to sell out Madison Square Garden but have the respect of your fellow joke-makers.

But things aren’t always that black-and-white.

Marc Maron Channels Dane Cook on Fallon

Last night, Marc Maron was on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, promoting his new standup album, his podcast and his upcoming appearance at the Just For Laughs comedy festival. He described getting a phone call from Dane Cook about appearing on WTF, and he did a pretty pitch-perfect Dane Cook impression, complete with strange walking. Marc Maron, impressionist. Who knew?

Forbes List of Top-Earning Comedians Makes Me Question Liking Comedians

Forbes, a magazine which I'm pretty sure only produces lists of various types of rich people and expensive things at this point, just released it's list of top-earning comedians for the year. Now, they say it's top-earning comedians, at the top of which would be people like Jerry Seinfeld and Conan O'Brian. But instead, this is a list of top-earning working stand-ups who earn their money from touring. And man, guys, it's kind of ugly.