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Bill Murray Is Going to War for George Clooney

George Clooney has lined up an amazing cast for his new WWII movie The Monuments Men, about a team of art curators and historians rescuing pieces of classic art from the Nazis, but the name that interests us most around these parts is Bill Murray. Clooney wrote the movie with Grant Heslov (with whom he collaborated on The Ides of March and Good Night, and Good Luck), and filming is set to begin in Europe in March. Indiewire reports that the non-Bill Murray cast includes Daniel Craig, Cate Blanchett, Jean Dujardin, John Goodman, Bob Balaban, Hugh Bonneville, and Clooney himself, but all of them should be taking lessons [...]

Seth MacFarlane to Host 'SNL' Premiere with Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Daniel Craig Coming After

On September 15, Seth MacFarlane will host the premiere of the 38th season of SNL (because apparently the bear from Ted had prior commitments). Frank Ocean will be the musical guest and be great, but expect a lot of singing from Seth Macs. Joseph Gordon-Levitt will host on September 22 with musical guest Mumford & Sons, which will be VERY exciting for that certain sort of 16-year-old girl who shops at Urban Outfitters. This will be JGL's second time hosting, after a very good and fairly manic first go-around in 2009. Finally, for all you Anglophiles out there, Daniel Craig will be hosting on October 6 with British musical [...]

'SNL' Recap: Daniel Craig and Debating the Debate

While we often look to comedians to help us contextualize the news by adding some satirical spin or heightened reality, some events are so fixed at the heart of our cultural zeitgeist that the best form of commentary is direct parody. It is in this area that SNL — with its expert impersonators and innovative makeup artists — possesses an advantage over the other sources of political comedy on TV (for now, at least). In 2008, Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert couldn't openly call out Sarah Palin as the clueless media hog that she truly was without inviting criticism of sexism and bullying. Meanwhile, all Tina Fey had to do [...]

Daniel Craig and Taran Killam Promote ‘SNL’ with a Cheesy Montage

Daniel “James Bond” Craig and Taran "SNL Cast Member" Killam teamed up to film this hilarious series of network promos for Craig's SNL hosting stint this weekend (with musical guest Muse). Gleaned from the slices of Daniel Craig's life presented in these promos, here's a complete list of his likes and dislikes:

Daniel Craig's Likes: Funny wigs and glasses, air guitar, cupcakes, board games

Daniel Craig's Dislikes: Guns, Bond puns, kissing SNL cast members