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Poland Springs: It’s Poison!, by Daniel McGillivray

Dear Valued Customer,

I’m Chet Ricker, senior marketing director for the Poland Springs Bottling Company. Almost 200 years ago my ancestors took a simple idea – Maine’s most delicious water – and turned it into a local business. Boy, we sure have grown since then. We’re now a proud member of the Nestle Waters North America family (a division of Graypool Industrial ChemCorp), but I still think about those early days every time I pick up another bottle of Poland Springs.

Our Heritage is the reason I was so concerned last month when I heard that every single one of our aquifers began producing streams of deadly, deadly poison.

Table41 Media Kit, by Daniel McGillivray

Bon Soir!

Welcome and thank you for your interest in Table41 – a weekly e-column dedicated to dining alone. Since its July 2007 launch Table41 has been the Kansas City Metro Area’s only newsletter aimed at solitary eaters. Every Thursday afternoon (when we serve up the latest Table41) our 8,000 subscribers have a standing reservation for FUN!

Each issue is packed with the freshest buzz about great bistros, coping with loneliness, and trendy bars. Our insightful yet sassy coverage of KC’s burgeoning restaurant scene will help your brand stand out in today’s crowded market place. We’re confident that you’ll see the coverage, design, and enthusiasm of our publication as [...]