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Daniel Radcliffe Explains His Love for the American 'Office'

"When something is successful in Britain, we go, 'Okay, let's stop it before we screw it up.' And when something is successful over here, they go, 'Okay, let's keep making this a success until it's not a success.' And I think that it is a kind of very different attitude, but I'm actually really glad for that, because as I said, when the idea of an American version of that program came out, it sounded like sacrilege. And now, frankly, I look at those final episodes and they are so emotionally satisfying and grounded in a way that I don't think the British Office ever got the chance to be."


Daniel Radcliffe and Charles Barkley Will Host SNL In January

Daniel Radcliffe will host SNL with musical guest Lana Del Ray on January 14, and Charles Barkley will ring in the new year as host on January 7 with musical guest Kelly Clarkson. Good luck topping last night's SNL, 2012.

SNL Recap: Daniel Radcliffe, Timid Host on a Ballsy Night

It’s frustrating when SNL plays directly to our expectations. When a former castmember comes back to host the show, for example, it’s almost certain that there will be at least one reprisal of an old sketch (Jimmy Fallon as Boston teen Sully, Dana Carvey as the Church Lady, Will Ferrell as President Bush, etc.). Seventy-five percent of the cold opens this season have been GOP parodies, and half of the episodes have opened with Jason Sudeikis as Mitt Romney.

Of course, I love an unsurprising comeback of the Barry Gibb Talk Show as much as anybody, but while watching 90 minutes of live sketch comedy, pieced together in less [...]

Sex Wizards Daniel Radcliffe and Jason Sudeikis Conjure Up This Week's SNL

Please God and Lorne Michaels (on the off chance that you're two separate entities), let every sketch Daniel Radcliffe is in on this week's SNL feature either his Kate Winslet impression (his normal voice) or his American-accented broseph who chugs Mountain Dew by the liter and likes big butts. God, he nailed us with that one, America. He got us.