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Daniel Sloss and the Art of Telling Critics to Piss Off

At only 23, Daniel Sloss has become one of the biggest draws at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. The Scottish comic played to packed houses during his fun in a 400-seat lecture hall in Edinburgh, and he's about to take his show "Really?!" on tour throughout the UK. He's also got his eye on the US, having appeared three times on Conan in the last year. I caught up with him in Edinburgh to talk about being famous in his hometown, not letting reviewers into his show, and his first attempt at pilot season in the US.

I feel like a lot of Americans don’t quite understand Edinburgh. What’s the appeal of the Fringe [...]

Scottish Standup Daniel Sloss Made His US TV Debut on 'Conan' Last Night

23-year-old Scottish comedian Daniel Sloss appeared on American TV for the first time last night on Conan. It's a strong late night debut and one that'll probably make you wish you'd accomplished more at 23, like Sloss who's already a successful standup and has had a great performance on big TV show in another country.