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Tonight's 'Law & Order: SVU' Is About a Daniel Tosh-Esque Rape Joke Controversy, With a Twist

Tonight's new episode of TV drama Law & Order: SVU is taking place in the standup comedy world. Loosely inspired by that Daniel Tosh rape joke controversy from two years ago and that other one from last year, the episode is caled "Comic Perversion" and it stars Jonathan Silverman (Weekend at Bernie's) as Josh Galloway, a standup who is accused of inciting a crowd to commit rape and also accused of being a rapist himself. A writer at XoJane got a hold of the episode early and wrote a nice takedown on it, and it seems to be just another example, like the entirety of Studio 60 on [...]

Louis C.K. Brings the Sexy, Reads Blogs, Sticks it to the Mets (and Talks about Tosh-Gate)

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Louis C.K. reads blogs! Splitsider is a blog, maybe he reads it – maybe he's one of the pseudonymed commenters. I do like that he ended with a very, almost 90s joke in the style of men are from Mars, women are from Venus. The moral here is reading blogs is great, the Mets stink, and let's kill some Jews.

'The Onion' Weighs In on This Daniel Tosh Business

The Onion on Tosh: Daniel Tosh Chuckles Through Own Violent Rape.

Daniel Tosh Starts Disgusting, Awful Movement

Yep, no. By successfully curating videos of people being idiots or jerks, Daniel Tosh has acquired a position of power on the Internet. Rachel Sklar points out, for some reason, he’s decided to use said power to encourage dudes to “Lightly Touching Women's Stomachs While They're Sitting Down.” You can see why he could think it’s funny as it’s awkward, irreverent, and mean; however, it’s not funny – it’s incredibly offensive and vaguely rapey. You’d imagine at some point while slowly creeping behind an unexpected woman, he’d realize that he’s basically molesting strangers.

It’s gross enough to grope people just to make fun of how they aren’t [...]

Cockroaches and 'Tosh.0' Will Survive the Apocalypse

Great news for people who recently taped themselves falling off a stool: Comedy Central renewed Tosh.0 for a 30-episode fifth season. This isn't exactly a surprise, considering that T.0 is Comedy Central's highest-rated and most watched show. To celebrate, let's all go out and film ourselves punching our sleeping friends in the balls.

What Tosh-Gate Says about the State of Comedy Appreciation and Criticism (Some of It Is Good!)

When the Daniel Tosh firestorm started my initial reaction was to shrug and say "who cares?" It was a comedian making an off-hand offensive joke not on television, not on a CD, but to a live audience. The jokes weren't great and they weren't in any way PC, but I felt like they were a non-issue; I had seen many comedians say worse things to hecklers. (I thought it was much worse when he encouraged his fans to “Lightly Touch Women's Stomachs While They're Sitting Down.”)

But then it became a discussion that was being had everywhere by comedians and non-comedians alike, and I started looking at the [...]

Yes, Daniel Tosh Made Terrible Jokes

We haven't covered this Daniel Tosh rape joke thing because, frankly, neither Jesse nor I felt much like diving into it. It feels like the same old shit, and there's not a ton worth saying about it, so we decided to just ignore it and not give him or his dumb, gross jokes any more attention than they've already received. There's too much good comedy worth celebrating to dwell in that familiar outrage. But if you want a rundown of the whole situation, here's a pretty good one.

Daniel Tosh Brings Brickleberry To Comedy Central

Sadly, Daniel Tosh's Brickleberry is not a flavor of limited-run ice cream like I'd momentarily thought. My brain, constantly trying to find delicious ways to get rid of my teeth, will be disappointed. Instead it's his new animated series for Comedy Central, wherein Tosh will executive produce, as well as lend his voice to "a group of dysfunctional park rangers tasked with saving their fledgling national park from closure." So many open bear traps, so many unsuspecting genitals, so little precious, precious time.

There's A LOT of Consensual Sex in the 'Brickleberry' Preview

We get it, we get it, Tosh, you prefer sex to be an agreed up action…between two adult…animals…in public…in front of children. Though, it probably should be noted that all of the fornicating animals have the dead eyes of a veteran porn star, which it seems like they kind of are, since they have sex for others to watch. But, hey, at least the animation has a really nice look to it, so there's that.

Daniel Tosh's 'Brickleberry': "Most of the pilot is about rape."

Jesus Christ. Daniel Tosh has a new animated series coming to Comedy Central this fall called Brickleberry, and the plan was to screen the pilot tonight at Comic-Con. The problem? Well, Tosh has been the subject of some recent controversy surrounding rape jokes he made, and there are apparently a whole slew of them in the Brickleberry pilot. So they're scrambling to pull all of them out before the screening, but according to one inside source, "everyone is freaking out, because most of the pilot is about rape." Feel free to take a moment to re-read that kind of mind-blowing quote. And just to be clear, we're talking about [...]

Daniel Tosh Soon To Be a Short Bear

Here is the first image from Daniel Tosh's new animated series. Tosh announced last night on Tosh.0 that Brickleberry will premiere on September 25th on Comedy Central. The show focuses on a group of dysfunctional forest rangers and a sarcastic bear voiced by Tosh. Other things to notice in this picture: the yellow-haired lady's shirt doesn't cover her entire torso, the African American fellow wears his badge on a gold chain and is scared of that spider who is just hangin' around, and the larger lady has the symbol for women pinned on her shirt. I'm very confident that at least 85% of the show will be the [...]