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The 'It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia' Cast Visits 'Conan'

The cast of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia were guests on last night's Conan, where they talked about some very dedicated fan tattoos and even shared some of their own, including Rob McElhenney's barely passable "Crosby" tattoo. Watch more from their interview with O'Brien below:

Get Ready for that 'Twins' Sequel You Never Knew You Wanted

Arnold Schwarzenegger confirmed at Comic-Con that a sequel to Twins is in the works. The original was a mega-smash, back in the day when movie stars like Arnold basically printed money. Ivan Reitman, who produced and directed the original, is coming back. No word yet on Danny Devito's status, but he's probably available. Not to mention, I'm pretty sure no one is really clamoring for a movie just about Julius Benedict. In March, the rumor going around was that the film would be titled Triplets and feature Eddie Murphy as the third brother, which is so unbelievable that it actually makes sense. Fun fact: Did you know [...]

The Lost Roles of Danny DeVito

35 years in and Danny DeVito's career is still going strong. After establishing himself as a scene stealer with his portrayal of endearing dirtbag Louie DePalma in the 1978 sitcom Taxi, DeVito made a smooth transition to movie stardom. Appearing in blockbusters like Romancing the StoneTwins, and Batman Returns, DeVito is often typecast as a conniving but charismatic villain. He’s given plenty of performances outside of this niche, though, with Throw Momma from the Train and One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest being notable examples. In addition to his impressive acting resume, DeVito is also an accomplished director and producer, with his production company responsible for projects as diverse as GattacaWag the Dog, [...]

Sequel to 1989's 'War of the Roses' Is In the Works

24 years after the Danny DeVito black comedy War of the Roses was released, a sequel is in the works. The original 1989 film focused on a wealthy divorcing couple who attempt to destroy each other as their marriage falls apart, and starred Michael Douglas and Kathleen Turner as well as DeVito. Now Deadline reports that the sequel The War Of The Roses: The Children will focus on the children of the original couple and the effect of their parents' divorce on their adult lives and relationships. Both the original and sequel are based on novels by Warren Adler.

The film "will explore, with comedic irony, the underbelly of a troubled [...]

Schwarzenegger, DeVito, Murphy to Make an Unholy Trinity in Triplets

"Guys, I've got it. You know how we've been wondering whether it would be too strange to make a sequel to Twins, the 1988 comedy starring Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny DeVito as experimentally conceived brothers? You know, since no one remembers that movie and Arnold hasn't done a movie since Terminator 3? Well, try this on for size: let's throw in a once-majorly-respected comedian who just did perhaps the worst movie of his career as the THIRD BROTHER. Is it just me, or did everything about this project suddenly fall perfectly into place?"

Danny DeVito Is Coachella

It's not so much that I wouldn't want to go to Coachella; it's just that up until two hours ago I thought it was one of those fancy gourmet grocery stores. Seeing Stereogum's Danny DeVito at Coachella photo gallery, however, makes me want to start saving my quinoa dollars for next year. Click through to see the It's Always Sunny star rub sweaty shoulders with Robyn, the Aquabats, Har Mar Superstar, and basically any fan who wasn't terrified that they were having a particularly vivid Frank hallucination.

Josh Gad Is Working on the 'Twins' Sequel 'Triplets,' Which Is Apparently Still Happening

Book of Mormon and Daily Show star Josh Gad has just been hired to co-write a script treatment for Triplets, a sequel to the 1988 Arnold Schwarzenegger/Danny DeVito comedy Twins that will also star Eddie Murphy. According to Deadline, Gad will write the script treatment (which is Hollywood talk for "long outline") with Ryan Dixon, an exec at the screenwriting website ScriptShark, and Dixon will write the screenplay solo if the project moves forward after the treatment is done. Twins director Ivan Reitman recently downplayed Triplets talk by implying the project was in the very early stages, commenting, "With Triplets, I’m quite nervous about it. I think it’s somebody’s commercial [...]

My Name is Inigo Montoya. You Killed My Father. Prepare to Watch this Princess Bride Reunion Video.

video platformvideo managementvideo solutionsvideo player Try and watch this video reunion of the cast of The Princess Bride reunion without smiling. I dare you. You might make it through the part where Robin Wright fondly recalls Andre the Giant's putting his gigantic hand on her head to warm her up between takes. But you will absolutely not get through the ending where Billy Crystal and Carol Kane recreate their famous storming-the-castle sendoff. Oh, also, how different would this movie have been if Vizzini had been played by Danny DeVito?! It's not even possible to conceive of it. You might say it's…well, you know.

David Mamet Directs a Half-Naked Danny DeVito Dressed as Ghandi

From famed writer David Mamet comes this new Funny or Die video, featuring Danny DeVito doing Inside the Actor's Workshop on the set of Ghandi II. It features DeVito in all his post-Always-Sunny half-naked crazyperson glory which, at this point, I prefer over all other past versions of Danny DeVito. Way better than Glengarry Glen Ross, Dave. Props.