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Dave Hill Reflects on Life, Death, and Funeral Parties

IFC's Comedy Crib released the first installment of a new web series today called Funny People Reading Books featuring Dave Hill reading an excerpt from his 2012 book Tasteful Nudes. In the clip, Hill looks back on his understanding and acceptance of death as a child, which included much more enthusiasm than most kids his age.

Talking to Dave Hill About His New Radio Show on WFMU

Last month, Tom Scharpling ended his comedy radio program The Best Show on WFMU after 13 years, and comedian/musician/author Dave Hill was given his timeslot on listener-supported New Jersey station WFMU. Dave Hill's new show, aptly titled The Goddamn Dave Hill Show, is set to premiere tonight at 9pm EST. Hill has a lot planned for the new three-hour program, which will be a mix of comedy, music, listener calls, and guests.

I recently had the chance to chat with Hill about The Goddamn Dave Hill Show, trying to escape The Best Show's shadow, and writing his second book.

Dave Hill Went to England to Chronicle Royal Baby Fever

With the birth of Kate Middleton's royal spawn imminent, dapper-as-fuck comedian Dave Hill headed over to Merry Old England to take in the sights and talk to folks about the baby mania sweeping the island. In this first installment of the series, he manages to call the Duchess of Cambridge a skank to the Mayor of Windsor and basically stalks Pippa in her hometown. Looking forward to the rest!

Nikki Glaser and Sara Schaefer Visit Dave Hill's New Web Series

Here's a new episode of HuffPost Comedy's first-ever web series, Stallin' with Dave Hill, with guests Nikki Glaser and Sara Schaefer from MTV's Nikki and Sara Live. This may end up being the best web video filmed in a ladies' restroom you see all week.

If that's not enough Dave Hill for you, head over to Vulture for a video of Hill showing off the best places in New York to visit for Valentine's Day.

Tig Notaro Makes Cancer Jokes and a Dating Profile Video (which Dave Hill Responds to)

(Watch Dave's response below.) Tig spoke with The New York Times about why she's been drawn to make jokes about her illness:

I was with a friend of mine last night who was like, “I don’t know if I can take all these jokes about you having cancer.” And I was like: “Oh, I’m sorry. It occupies 99 percent of my brain right now, and I just don’t know what to do with it."

So why a dating video:

The doctor has prepared me for more weight loss and losing my hair. Dating isn’t the main focus here, but it’s fresh in my mind, because I just [...]

Dave Hill Clears Up the Amazon-Hachette Dispute for Dick Cavett and Malcolm Gladwell

The battle between Amazon and Hachette books rages on without any comment from Amazon, so Dave Hill put together this video with legendary TV host Dick Cavett and bestselling author Malcolm Gladwell to clear up any confusion surrounding the issue. Cavett, at least, is satisfied by Hill's creative way of breaking down Amazon's side of the situation.

Dave Hill's WFMU Show Will Be Called 'The Goddamn Dave Hill Show'; Debuts January 7th

Tom Scharpling's comedy radio show The Best Show on WFMU ended its amazing 13-year run on Tuesday, and last month, comedian Dave Hill was named as the person who will take over Scharpling's timeslot on New Jersey-based station WFMU. Now, we're starting to get more details about Hill's show. It'll be called The Goddamned Dave Hill Show, and it's set to debut on Tuesday, January 7th, airing each week in The Best Show's old slot from nine to midnight EST. The show will also be podcasted, and archives will be posted on WFMU's page for the show. The Goddamn Dave Hill Show will be recorded live, [...]

Come Join Splitsider as we Talk to Chris Gethard, Julie Klausner and Dave Hill This Thursday

This Thursday at 7pm at Housing Works Bookstore Cafe here in NYC Splitsider is presenting a super fun panel featuring some of our very favorite NYC comedians. Laugh Track: Unconventional Comedy Careers in the Internet Age will feature myself talking to Chris Gethard (The Chris Gethard Show, A Bad Idea I'm About to Do), Julie Klausner (How Was Your Week, Art Girls Are Easy, I Don't Care About Your Band), and Dave Hill (Dave Hill's Podcasting Incident, Tasteful Nudes) about how they've each carved out totally unique niches for themselves in the comedy world, making careers centered around their own comedic [...]

Chris Gethard and R.L. Stine Will Write an Entire Book Together in One Hour Tonight

Comedian Chris Gethard is having Goosebumps author R.L. Stine join him tonight on his delightful public access show The Chris Gethard Show to help him write a book live on air. Along with fellow authors D.C. Pierson (The Boy Who Couldn’t Sleep and Never Had To) and Dave Hill (Tasteful Nudes), Stine and Gethard (who is also an author) will be writing an entire book in one hour, tonight at 11PM EST live on the internet or on Manhattan Public Access. I wrote this paragraph in under an hour, and I’m just one man. Compared to that, four people writing a book in one hour sounds like no big [...]

David Rakoff and Dave Hill's Awkward Book Tour

David Rakoff died last night, far too young at 47. Here's a video that Dave Hill just put online of a "book tour" for Don't Get Too Comfortable that they made together for a reading. It's hilarious and wonderful and makes today that much more sad. Here's Hill on the video: A few years ago, David Rakoff and I, DH, made this video with Keith Aumont Goldberg to play at a reading we did together. In it, we pretend to go on a book tour for David's second book "Don't Get Too Comfortable." In reality, we were just driving around mostly while I tried not to crash [...]

Dave Hill and Dick Cavett Have a New Web Series Together

Comedian Dave Hill and legendary talk show host Dick Cavett released the first three episodes of their new web series, Dick and Dave, today. The show finds the two friends chatting over beverages in a West Village bar in each short installment. The shorts are directed by Benjamin Ahr Harrison, who promises, "We're gonna make tons of these!"

Check out the other two episodes below:

Dave Hill Will Take Over Tom Scharpling's 'Best Show' Slot on WFMU

Tom Scharpling announced last month that his beloved, long-running radio show/podcast The Best Show on WFMU will be ending its run on December 17th after 13 years on the air, and it looks like the station has found a replacement. New Jersey-based station WFMU has tapped comedian Dave Hill to take over the Tuesday 9pm to midnight slot currently occupied by Best Show, Current.org reports. Hill and WFMU station manager Ken Freedman are still figuring out exactly what the comedian's untitled show will be, but it may include interviews.

"I think he’s really funny,” Scharpling said of Hill. "I’ll support him however I can. My goal is [...]

Watch Dave Hill Visit a Boat Show

Here's comedian Dave Hill stopping by the New York Boat Show with a camera to creep everyone there out by talking about murder, disposing of bodies, and NBA all-star semen.

This Week In Web Videos: PHIL

Lauren Hill and Anna Breslaw are quickly becoming this column’s female empowerment champions. In April, we covered Beer Goggles, their refreshing take on a quintessentially male zeitgeist addition — talking about how much hotter girls seem when the pursuing males are drunk. Now, we’re bringing you PHIL, a sketch that stays true to Cook and Breslaw’s affinity for messing around with gender norms but in a more hardcore way. Like porn hardcore. Well, I mean there’s no nudity so it’s not really porn hardcore, but it’s definitely erotic novel hardcore.

Again Cook and Breslaw have surprised me with their sensibility, specifically their unusual knack for turning something kind [...]