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Revisiting 'Picket Fences', David E. Kelley's Forgotten Comedy

The pilot of Picket Fences, created of David E. Kelley, opens on a small town community production of The Wizard of Oz. At face value, the first few moments seem as wholesome and unoffensive as a sitcom from the '50s- as the lullaby league sings the townsfolk in the audience look delighted, not a bit bored, and even the wicked witch can be seen offstage cheerfully bobbing her head to the tune. Then a backstage scream interrupts the frolicking munchkins, and after some quick CPR administered by the town doctor (played by Kathy Baker) she delivers the line that sets the tone for the entire show, "Send your audience home. [...]

CBS Orders 'Crazy Ones,' Starring Robin Williams and Created by David E. Kelley

CBS just ordered a high-profile comedy pilot that could bring Robin Williams back to TV in his first regular television role in 30 years. Entertainment Weekly reports the network has commissioned a pilot called Crazy Ones starring Williams and written by David E. Kelley, creator of Boston Legal, Ally McBeal, and tons of other shows. Crazy Ones is a single-camera workplace comedy about a father and daughter who work together in an advertising office. If the show gets picked up, it'll be Robin Williams's first regular TV gig since Mork & Mindy ended its run in 1982, though Williams looks to be playing a human, not an alien, this time [...]

Robin Williams Looking to Return to Television

Nanu Nanu, people. Robin Williams is working with David E. Kelley on a single-camera sitcom about a hotshot advertising executive who works alongside his daughter. And CBS is in talks to buy it. Weird, right? Williams hasn't been in tons of great stuff recently but it is still uncommon for people of his stature to opt for TV, especially CBS, and double especially some David E. Kelley workplace thing. The word going around is that Williams really just liked those dancing babies so, so much.