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Dan Harmon Didn't Care for 'Community' Season 4

With Dan Harmon set to return to Community as showrunner for the upcoming fifth season, he got caught up on the fourth season, which he wasn't a part of, and wasn't too wild about it. Harmon discussed his thoughts on season four at the top of the latest episode of his podcast Harmontown, which dropped this weekend. Here's how Harmon started the show:

"I watched season four. I guess I already knew this, but apparently, I’m quite a genius … I think I feel pretty comfortable expressing any kind of 'Eh, not my cup of tea' about it because – this has been expressed a thousand times [...]

'Community's' Comic-Con Offered a Gag-Reel with a Side of Reassurance

I like a good gag reel as much as the next lover of gag reels, but this gag reel needs to be at least 10 times longer. Right!? Sure, we get to see Alison Brie "rap" for 30 seconds straight but why not 300 seconds of Brie-styling? This was first shown at the show's Comic-Con panel. Accounts from the panel make it seem like it was mostly a love fest/asking if everything is going to be OK fest. To the latter point, new showrunners Moses Port and David Guarascio were positive. Guarascio:

A couple of months ago, we were a lot like you: just huge fans of the show [...]

Highlights from the 'Community' Writers' Reddit AMA

The writing staff of Community did a question-and-answer session on Reddit last night in anticipation of the show's return to the airwaves tonight after a hiatus that's lasted nearly nine months. Participating in the Reddit session were longtime Community writers Megan Ganz, Andy Bobrow, Maggie Bandur, and Tim Saccardo; new co-showrunner David Guarascio; and new-to-the-show Gene Hong. Hit the jump for a collection of the best parts from the Reddit session, including Jeff and Britta's sex tape, writing Chevy Chase out of the show, and a planned episode that puts the supporting cast at the forefront:

Dan Harmon Is No Longer Involved with 'Community'

Late Friday night, Vulture reported that Sony Television (the company that produces Community) had hired David Guarascio and Moses Port (previously of Happy Endings) as the new showrunners of Community, leaving Dan Harmon with a diminished role. Their justification was partially about creative differences (Sony and NBC wanted Community to at least try to appeal to more people) and partially about what it was like working with Harmon. A person close to the show explained, "Dan is brilliant at ideas, but he's terrible at [management]." Specifically, Harmon is given a lot of the blame for much of Community's writing and production staff turnover. The flipside of course is that Harmon [...]

NBC Indefinitely Delays the Premiere of 'Community' (And 'Whitney' Also) and More 'Community' News

NBC is still continuing to find new depths to how much it can torture Community fans. In the past, the Peacock Network has put the show on hiatus, fired creator Dan Harmon, and gave it a late premiere for its truncated fourth season in the "Friday night death slot," but apparently, that's not enough. Vulture reports that NBC has decided to delay the new seasons of Community (and Whitney) indefinitely. Both shows were set to premiere next week on Friday, October 19th, but they've been taken off the schedule, with NBC releasing the following statement:

"Given the success we’ve had for the past four weeks… we’ve [...]