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Eugene Mirman Talks About the Most Awkward Time He Was Recognized in Public

Here's a clip from A Night at Whiplash in which Eugene Mirman tells a story of being recognized in Guitar Center. It gets a little awkward.

For Eugene's full set as well as sets by Sheng Wang, Carmen Lynch, Janeane Garofalo, Jared Logan, Michael Che, and Sean Patton, check out A Night at Whiplash now for only $5.

Fun Thing to Buy of the Day: 'Delocated' Seasons 1 and 2

For the past few years Delocated has existed as one of the stranger live action shows on Adult Swim (but always in good company). Jon Glaser's creation ended its third season last April and returns tonight for a special series finale. Although the show will be missed, you can relive the first two seasons with Delocated: The Complete Seasons One and Two on DVD. Watch, enjoy, and celebrate the fact that a guy in a ski mask with a voice modulator exploiting his family's situation in the Witness Protection Program for reality TV got to be a real comedy show.

Adult Swim's 'Delocated' Is Ending Its Run with a Special Series Finale Episode March 7th

Last year, Jon Glaser's witness protection comedy Delocated ended its third season in a way that made a fourth season seem uncertain. Today, Adult Swim announced that the show is ending, and they're airing a one-off special series finale episode next month. Entitled "The Frrt Identity," the finale special is a half-hour long and sees "Jon" waking up on a New York shore, suffering from amnesia. It's sad to see one of the weirdest and funniest shows on TV ending, but it looks like this finale will serve as a nice ending. The episode airs Thursday, March 7th at 12:30am, but you can check out a preview after the [...]

Delocated Recap: "Friend"

Wow, it’s mentally exhausting just trying to remember everything that went down in last night’s Delocated.

“Friend” packed more plot and story into one 22-minute episode than most hour-long shows do over the course of three episodes. It began with “Jon” experiencing an existential crisis upon the realization that he doesn’t have any friends. TB, The Glaze, and David don’t count. What “Jon” does have, though, is cash — thanks to his late ex-wife’s life insurance money. Seizing on this, “Jon” decides to throw together a $1 million “Best Friend Challenge,” and invites New Yorkers to compete to be his best friend.

The competition consists of an American Idol-style [...]

Delocated Recap: "Midnight Munchingtons"

The thing about Delocated is that even when it’s not firing on all cylinders, it’s still one of the funniest shows on television. Last night’s episode, “Midnight Munchingtons,” was a prime example.

In terms of story arc, not a whole lot happens. No appearances by the Mirminskys, no David, and no murders. Sigh. The episode opens with “Jon” waking up to find a half-eaten sandwich in his bed. Fearing the worst, “Jon” and TB assume one of the Mirminskys dropped into “Jon’s” loft by helicopter and left behind the evidence as a scare tactic.

“Jon’s” life coach The Glaze, who gets considerable screen time this episode, suspects “Jon” is [...]

Jon Glaser Will Star in and Create the Adult Swim Pilot 'Neon Joe, Werewolf Hunter'

Jon Glaser is making another show for Adult Swim. Variety reports that he's creating and starring in a pilot for the network called Neon Joe, Werewolf Hunter. The show follows Neon Joe, a man with a mysterious past who fights werewolves in the town of Garrity, Vermont (aka "B&B Town, USA!"). Paul Rudd and Delocated's Steve Cirbus also appear in the pilot.

Glaser went on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon in costume as the character last year, but we assumed it was a joke. Here's how he described the show to Vulture:

It’s about a guy that wears neon but he also hates werewolves … He wears [...]

Talking to Jon Glaser About 'Parks and Rec,' 'Girls,' and the 'Delocated' Finale

It's probably going to be a while 'til we see another show like Delocated.

The Adult Swim live-action series comes to an end tonight after three seasons of somehow making accessible a show about a Russian mob target in the witness protection program who moves to New York City to become a reality star. Delocated seamlessly blends avant-garde with lowbrow – the perfect middle ground between a network sitcom and Tim and Eric.

At the center of the absurdity is “Jon,” a suburban tool who wears a ski mask at all times to protect his identity. Based on a character by series creator and star Jon Glaser, “Jon” put [...]

Delocated Recap: "Reunion Show"

If there’s such thing as a record for most meta jokes ever constructed in one television episode, Delocated’s Season 3 finale, “Reunion Show,” might have shattered it last night.

It was an impressive display.

The apex of the journey down the rabbit hole was the final scene featuring Mirminsky toady Mishka describing his new life in the witness protection program. Mishka is played by the same actor who plays “Jon”— that would be Delocated star and creator Jon Glaser. So we’ve gone from a show about a suburban asshole who enters the witness protection program because the Russian mob wants to kill him, to a show about a Russian [...]

Delocated Recap: "Sample"

We must be returning to a Golden Age of silent performances in film and television because the guy from The Artist won Best Actor at this year’s Oscars, and “Jon” delivered an Emmy-deserving silent performance in last night’s Delocated.

But only one of those productions included a scene with a silent marriage proposal and a surrogate reading a love letter that includes the line “led me to your vagina.” I’ll let you guess which one.

“Sample” was perhaps the strongest Delocated episode to date this season. It had everything a fan could ask for: sex, violence, inspired sight gags, “Jon” inventing an incredibly dumb but hilarious contraption, and Todd [...]

Delocated Recap: "Skins"

No other show on television is as committed to ridiculous jokes and gags as Delocated.

Whereas most shows would bail after a passing reference to something as absurd as a potato-skins bar, Delocated centers an entire episode around “Jon’s” obsession with it. The show gets so much mileage out of the idea — “Jon” customizes his potato-skin bar with flame decals, “Jon” makes a six-foot party “skin” for a house-warming party, “Jon” tries to bribe a judge with a “skin,” numerous foreskin puns — that it takes viewer reactions from “Silly,” to “Ok, I get it,” to “Really, another one?” to “You know what, I respect their commitment here,” [...]

So Long, 'Delocated'

"It's not a silly comedy anymore. It's a silly drama."

As Delocated star and creator Jon Glaser points out, you can’t really describe his show any better than Sergei’s line in the first episode of the show’s second season. So it makes sense that Delocated, which ended its three seasons with a half-hour finale last night, went out in dramatic fashion.

(Spoilers ahead!)

It didn’t start out that way; at least it didn’t seem to start out that way. Season 1 was more light-hearted and goofy for goofy’s sake. Though Delocated has always been about a Russian mob target in the witness protection program who moves to New [...]

Jon Glaser Tells Jimmy Fallon About His New Show 'Neon Joe'

Delocated's Jon Glaser went on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon in costume as his new character Neon Joe from his upcoming show Neon Joe, which is totally a real thing.

Delocated Recap: "Jon Done Gone Nuts"

That “Jon” is one lucky sonofabitch, huh?

No matter how bumbling, irresponsible and susceptible to graft he is with his money, he always seems to acquire more. First he becomes the custodian of his late ex-wife’s $5 million life insurance policy, only to end up forking most of it over to the Wang Chos, who bleed him for almost every penny in exchange for protection. Then there was the time he inherited $3 million from a guy he met on a park bench, even though he pissed away a good chunk giving it to a meth head posing as the mother of his fake illegitimate child.

Delocated Recap: "Camping Trip"

Other than the occasional murder, this season of Delocated has been relatively PG thus far.

Previous episodes about potato skins bars and cooking shows featuring sleepwalking chefs, though absurd, would be suitable to air in primetime under the TV Parental Guidelines. But Delocated airs at midnight, when the kid gloves can come off. And last night’s episode, “Camping,” truly earned its “Mature Audience Only” rating.

We can thank the hilarious Todd Barry for that.