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Chris Parnell Channeled Dr. Spaceman on Last Night's 'Conan'

Last night, Conan writer Deon Cole had a few things to say about a recent study's conclusion that sex makes people smarter, but Chris Parnell hit pause on Deon's act to inform the audience of a serious issue called MacDaddy Fronting. If Dr. Spaceman were there, he'd just prescribe Cole some of those purple pills from Peru.

Watch a Preview for 'Deon Cole's Black Box'

Conan writer Deon Cole has a new show debuting on TBS June 10th, and here's he is in a promo telling you to watch it. It's called Deon Cole's Black Box, and it involves Cole sharing his take on pop culture each week – just in case you want another comedian's take on pop culture on a weekly basis.

Deon Cole and Andy Kindler Are at Republican National Convention

Cole is above and Kindler is below. Do you think they bumped into one another and just stared each other down for 45 minutes? No, you don't? 45 minutes was too hyperbolic? Should I have done 45 seconds? Oh, ok. Next time. Tomorrow, The Daily Show crew shows up. Do you think they'll bump into Cole and Kindler and they'll all just stare each other down for 45 seconds? (Woo! Nailed it. Thanks 4 your help.)

Deon Cole Sexily Helps Laurie Kilmartin with a Crossword

Ooo yeah, that's real hawt. That marker is so permanent and black. And Deon's encouragement is calm yet forceful. I can watch these two fill boxes all day. Wait. Sorry. That one was actually dirty sounding. Ewwwwwwwwwww! My B.

Talking to Deon Cole About Standup, 'Conan,' and His New TBS Show 'Black Box'

Deon Cole saw a need for another perspective amidst the flurry of web clip shows and pop culture comedy on TV. After writing for Conan for four years, the standup comic and Emmy-nominated writer premiered his own show, Black Box, this past Monday on TBS in hopes of putting a new spin on things. While Cole acknowledges that his show is not a new format, he says that it’s his unique voice that makes it stand out. I caught up with the newly-minted TV host to discuss what Black Box is all about, how it all started, and why he won’t let success go to his head.

When did [...]

Chris Parnell Explains Deon Cole's Dick Joke

The always-delightful Chris Parnell dropped by Conan last night to help Deon Cole out by elaborating on a crude penis joke he made about the iPhone 5. Parnell goes into elaborate scientific detail to explain exactly how the iPhone 5's panorama mode makes it possible for Cole to photograph his large penis, using egghead terms like "aspect ratio," "field of view," and "barrel distortion." Chris Parnell should just hang out with immature high school guys to explain their terrible dick jokes with big words because this video proves he can make even the most basic sex joke sound super classy.

Deon Cole('s Bit) Dies

I'm going to miss Deon Cole because he's totally dead now. Sometimes when you put yourself in risky situations, like a trampoline or a bit where you fall onto mat, the risk comes to a head and you die on national television. And who are we to watch this? Are we in ancient Rome, where we watch slaves get bludgeoned by dragons and three-headed lions? (Oh, those animals never existed? Oh, oh, and Deon didn't die because that was obviously a joke? You're obviously a joke, smart-guy.)

TBS Stays in the Conan Business with 'Deon Cole's Black Box'

TBS announced that it's working with Conan O'Brien's production company on Deon Cole's Black Box. The show features Conan writer Deon Cole cracking wise at video clips, with a focus on race, gender, and politics. Cole is very funny writer and performer so this is great news, regardless if it's just another show where a comedian makes jokes about videos. TBS is also working with Ashton Kutcher on Who Gets the Last Laugh?, a show where comedians compete to prank regular people. It's perfect for people who liked Punk'd but wished it were more mean spirited. After the jump, check out more videos of Deon Cole because he [...]

Deon Cole Tackles the Day's News on 'Conan'

Here's Conan writer Deon Cole, who is being given his own Conan O'Brien-produced show on TBS, quickly addressing several major news stories on Conan last night and demonstrating exactly why Conan O'Brien is giving him his own show.

Deon Cole and Andy Kindler: Still Killin' at the RNC

Cole is above getting kicked out the convention and Kindler is below "interviewing" Michele Bachmann. Between the two of them, they've so far spent just three seconds actually speaking with the politicians. It's like they're having a competition for who reports less, which, when you come to think of it, isn't too different from the cable news networks. (BOOM! Social Commentary!)

Deon Cole Tells Pete Holmes about the End of His Gymnastic Career

This is the second installment of a fun web series from the Team COCO team, where a comedian does a little standing up comedy and then Pete Holmes asks him about stuff like standing up comedy. It's kind of like Pete's podcast You Made It Weird but it's visual and 10 times shorter and no one  makes it weird. Maybe it's nothing like Pete's podcast other than the fact that Pete is there. Below watch Cole's set where he talks about working on Conan and black cat civil rights.