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'I'm Special': Jim Parsons Adapting 'Thought Catalog' Writer's Book as a Pilot

Jim Parsons, of Big Bang Theory fame, and his gay lover, Todd Spiewak, have optioned a book to make a half-hour comedy series, according to Deadline. Here's what's notable about this:

• The book is a memoir by Ryan O'Connell, who was the first writer at Thought Catalog and has penned millions of blog posts explaining what it's like to be a millennial. He literally might be the "voice of his generation" if he's not in the same generation as Tavi.

• The book's about, among other things, being gay and having cerebral palsy — something O'Connell had never even written about before, even as he mined almost [...]

Craig Robinson and Greg Daniels Escaping 'The Office' Together for a New Sitcom

Actor Craig Robinson and showrunner Greg Daniels are the latest personnel from The Office to book a new TV show for next season as a follow-up gig to when their long-running NBC sitcom ends its runs in May. According to The Hollywood Reporter, NBC has given a script order to an untitled workplace comedy that Daniels will produce as a starring vehicle for Robinson, with newbie Office writer/producer Owen Ellickson penning the script. In the prospective show, Craig Robinson would star as a musician adjusting to his new life as a junior high music teacher. So, it sounds like Eastbound & Down (which Robinson was appeared on multiple times), only [...]

Somehow, Fox Wants to Turn Texts From Last Night Into a Sitcom

Sigh: the website Texts From Last Night, which gathers up funny text messages, is being turned into a TV show for Fox. Big Bang Theory writer Steve Holland will be collecting a paycheck attempting to create characters and a story around a collection of anonymous text messages. At least $#*! My Dad Says had two characters built into it. Next, a network is going to try to get someone to write iPhone: the Sitcom. People can just relate to the iPhone, see?

Hannibal Buress Cast in 2013's Zillionth Cop Comedy

It seems like for every two days these past few months, a TV network has announced a new comedy about cops. Today is no exception, as ABC just put a new cop comedy starring acclaimed stand-up Hannibal Buress into development, Deadline reports. Co-created by Buress, who is a former 30 Rock and SNL writer, and Rob Sheridan, a Canadian writer who's worked on the Great White North comedies Little Mosque on the Prairie and 18 to Life, the single camera sitcom is inspired by Buress's stand-up and will star him as a small town cop.

And in case you were wondering, here are the six other cop [...]

New Pilot Roundup: Paranormal Cops, Hollywood Assistants, and a Comedy from J.J. Abrams

TV's fall development season is still going strong, with all of the major networks still buying up new pilots that might end up picking up to series for the fall 2013 season if the shows turn out right. Here's a rundown of the flurry of new comedy projects the networks have announced this week:

  • 20-Nothings (CBS) – Based on a blog by Hollywood assistant Lauren Bachelis that's aptly titled Hollywood Assistants Blog, Deadline reports that this sitcom revolves around a group of five over-educated 20-year-olds trying to make it in Hollywood. Fred Savage is directing, and Bachelis is writing and serving as supervising producer. She presumably left [...]

Martha Stewart and Chelsea Handler Sell Comedy Pilots

The networks are still buying up new shows like crazy in hopes of finding new hits for their fall 2013 schedules. Deadline reports Martha Stewart just sold Fox a sitcom she'll produce called The Tao of Martha, which follows a party girl-turned-single mother who decides to write a book based on adjusting her life by following the teachings of Martha Stewart. Jake In Progress creator Austin Winsberg will adapt the idea into a series. Stewart won't star but will potentially make regular voice-over appearances. At ABC, The Hollywood Reporter says Chelsea Handler is producing Discounted, a new pilot about a pair of half-sisters who run a furniture store that's [...]

What's Wrong with Comedy Central?

I have been writing about comedy for about seven years now — hi, 2005! — and, whenever I interview a comedian, almost without fail the conversation will end with something like “Don’t make me sound like a jerk” or “Oh man, I’m just now realizing how long we’ve been talking and everything I said.” There’s a lot of anxiety and even dread among comedians; that much is pretty common knowledge: the wounded self-esteems, the brittle egos, the chest-puffing aspiration. But the thing I’ve always liked most about comedians is their candor. My mother always told me that people who are into brutal honesty do it for the brutality, [...]