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'SNL' Review: Badass Bruce Willis

For people who like to talk about comedy, there are few greater debates than the one over the claim that "funny is funny." Can a performer or joke be objectively funny independent of context or medium? There are those who argue yes, that some comedians are so talented that their popularity is universal — Robin Williams, say, or Bill Murray — and that every culture since the dawn of man has had some version of a fart joke. Then there are those who argue no, that there are "different kinds of funny." Comedian Bill Burr made waves for his rant about "alternative comedy," which he criticized as being [...]

Left Handed Radio: Sequel Machine—'Die Hard 6'

Every month, The Sequel Machine recruits 25 writers to write the sequels for film's biggest franchises one page at a time. The catch is, the writers only get to read the page before theirs in a round-robin, exquisite corpse style. The end result is a hilarious, twisted, and as coherent as any misquided Hollywood sequel. This month: Die Hard 6.

Performed by: Adam Bozarth, Dan Chamberlain, Matt Little, Anna Rubanova, and Brett White with Shannon Coffey and Josh Ruben as John McClane.

Written by (in page order): Brandon Gulya, Matt Little, Jason Saenz, Kerry McGuire, Jason Shebiro, Brett White, Ari Scott, Michael [...]

Left Handed Radio: Come see the Sequel Machine's 'Die Hard 6' on February 7th

Left Handed Radio presents The Sequel Machine, a monthly live show where 22 writers of all stripes (The OnionFast CompanyMcSweeney's, UCB's Maude Night) collaborate on a sequel to one of film's biggest franchises. The catch is that the writers pen the sequel one page at a time, and only get to see the page before their own. The results are hilariously twisted and virtually no different than a real sequel.

This month is Die Hard 6! New York's original super-cop John McClane must stop a number of Gruber brothers, team up with famous action movie stars, and find out who stole his penis.

Don't miss out! We also have special guest [...]