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Fred Armisen Made a Documentary on The Clash as Ian Rubbish

Fred Armisen's British punk rocker Ian Rubbish didn't retire when Armisen left SNL in May. Instead, he's been looking back at his early punk days, and over at Funny or Die, he's made a short documentary with The Clash's Mick Jones and Paul Simonon, who even attest to Rubbish's influence on their music. They even come together to play that Ian Rubbish and the Bizarros classic, "Hey Policeman."

So, What Did You Think of the End of Last Night's Episode of 'The Office?'

Last night's episode of The Office took a surprising turn in the last few moments. For those who missed it, Jim and Pam had an emotional fight over the phone. After Pam hangs up, a new character, Brian the good-looking boom mic operator on the documentary (played by The Three Stooges' Chris Diamantopoulos) comes over and comforts her. It's the first we've seen of the documentary crew on the show during its nine-year run, but it definitely won't be the last. Greg Daniels told reporters last week that the final few episodes will "start to break down what's going on with this documentary and see [the] behind [...]

The Jeff Rubin Jeff Rubin Show: Director and Star of 'Beauty Is Embarrassing' – Pee Wee's Playhouse Art Director Documentary

Even if you’ve never heard Wayne White’s name, you’ve almost definitely enjoyed his work. Wayne was a designer on shows like Pee-Wee’s Playhouseand Beakman’s World, as well as music videos like Smashing Pumpkins’ Tonight Tonight. Wayne has since developed a second career in the fine arts world and is the subject of the wonderful new documentary Beauty is Embarrassing.

This week on The Jeff Rubin Jeff Rubin Show you will hear from both Wayne and the film’s director, Neil Berkley. We discuss the influence of Pee-Wee, what shows are continuing it’s legacy today, and what message Wayne implanted in the unsuspecting brains of children.

This Short Documentary on Mitch Hedberg's Writing Process Will Floor You

A month ago, we reported that Mitch Hedberg's widow, Lynn Shawcroft, had over 30 never before seen notebooks of Mitch's. This documentary does a truly wonderful job of capturing his process and giving us a glimpse inside those books. "Men's Clothing Liquidation, I had to buy something before they melted," read one of the pages. You can just hear Hedberg's distinct cadence in that one sentence. You know what I like? This documentary. (You are like, "Dude, you have to give me time to guess. If you're going to quiz me you have to insert a pause.")

The Muslims Are Coming! With Your Help

The Muslims Are Coming! is a documentary about comedians Negin Farsad and Dean Obeidallah, hitting the road and looking at Islamophobia. The film features many prominent comedians and non-comedians like Jon Stewart, David Cross, Janeane Garofalo, and Rachel Maddow. Head over to their kickstarter to help them complete the project. If anything, it's worth seeing Jon Stewart in his first movie role since he played television's Jon Stewart in Evan Almighty.

A Documentary About 'New Yorker' Cartoonists Needs Your Help

The makers of Very Semi-Serious, a new documentary taking audiences behind the scenes of the New Yorker cartoons of the past, present, and future just opened a Kickstarter in hopes of gaining funding to finish production and complete post-production. Featuring illustrators Matt Diffee, Emily Flake, Zach Kanin, Robert Mankoff, and tons more, the documentary is nearly half way to its $75,000 goal as of this writing but still has a ways to go in case you're feeling charitable and/or love New Yorker cartoon backstories.

Help Robert Schimmel's Brother Fund a Robert Schimmel Documentary

Late, great comedian Robert Schimmel tragically passed away in 2010, and now, his brother Jeff Schimmel is raising money to make a documentary called Leave 'Em Laughing about Robert. If you're interested, you can head on over to the project's Kickstarter to watch the trailer and make a donation, or don't do that if that's not something you want to do. You are in control.

This Documentary Will Make You Sad You Missed the 'Community' Art Show

Here's a new documentary about "Six Seasons and a Movie," an art show composed entirely of Community fan art that was held at LA's PixelDrip Gallery this summer. Hundreds pieces of fan art were put on display in a big ol' event that also featured a costume contest and appearances from the cast and crew. The documentary features interviews with Community stars Danny Pudi and Gillian Jacobs, writer Megan Ganz, director Rob Schrab, and of course, exiled Community head honcho Dan Harmon, who bought up most of the art.

Check out the documentary crew's extended interviews with Dan Harmon and Megan Ganz after the jump.

Watch Hannibal Get Ready for His Hour Special; Shop for Pants

Filming your first hour special is a milestone of any stand-up's career and the above documentary offer a rare look into what it's like the week before the taping. Hannibal does some stand-up, bombs, gets a call from Chris Rock, gets his jacket stolen, hangs out with his family, shops for pants (twice), and watches strangers nonsensically rap into the camera. Whatever he did, it sure did work. His special was hilarious and his pants seemed to fit.

James Franco Makes Fallon Cringe, Will Probably Get An A On His New SNL Documentary

While discussing James' Franco's SNL documentary, the Your Highness actor ended up grilling Jimmy Fallon about his experience on the show, particularly the bone-chilling sound of pages turning in a quiet room. "My writing is not that great," Fallon reminisced, wincing as he remembered the deafening silence that greets an unsuccessful sketch around the read-through table. "People didn't even look me in the eye when we were done. It just crushed my confidence." Luckily from devastating failure comes great achievements, like the "Christmas Song" with Horatio Sanz.

While originally intended as a seven-minute-long class project for an NYU course, Franco's documentary, due out in June, eventually became a [...]

James Franco's 'SNL' Documentary Nears a Release

Saturday Night, the SNL documentary that James Franco made over four years ago looks like it might actually be getting a release. Franco shot the movie as an NYU grad school project, following the creation of an SNL episode hosted by John Malkovich in December of 2008. When asked about the unreleased project by the Huffington Post, Franco revealed that he recently sold the rights to Focus Features:

"That poor thing … it's something I'm very proud of and it got a great response at the festivals we took it to … I realized I had all of this access that people had never been granted [...]

There Will Be a Documentary About Dan Harmon's Live Show/Podcast 'Harmontown'

Community creator Dan Harmon is taking his live show/podcast Harmontown on a nationwide tour beginning January 10th, and it was just announced via Facebook that the entire tour will be filmed for a documentary by director Neil Berkeley. For the uninitiated, Harmontown is a live show in which Harmon and sidekick Jeff Davis talk about whatever they want for an hour, with the conversation ranging from absurdly dumb to brilliant. Click this link for tickets to the tour, and you could end up in the background of what's sure to be the Gimme Shelter of comedy podcast tour documentaries (minus the tragedy).

The 'Arrested Development' Documentary Is Taking Just as Long as the New Season

In 2007, aspiring filmmakers and Arrested Development superfans Jeff Smith and Neil Lieberman began working on The Arrested Development Documentary Project. The duo has been interviewing the cast and crew for five years and posting trailers for four, but there's still no word on when the doc will come out or how you'll be able to see it. Smith and Lieberman just released the above "Absolute Official, Last and Final Trailer" this month, despite the fact that they released a "final trailer" over three years ago. The trailer, though, is pretty impressive and makes it look like the documentary will be full of funny and insightful [...]

Watch "Johnny Carson: King of Late Night" Right Now

There has been a good amount of Johnny Carson talk the last few days so if you want to know what any of us were talking about, this PBS special is one hell of an overview. From what I understand, from watching this, JC was the best at everything – drums, comedy, magic, interviews, cheating on his wife – you name it. Also, the man was a legend and rightfully so. It's worth a watch, if only to see Arsenio Hall talk more on television than he has for 15 years.