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Amazon Renews 'Alpha House' for Season 2, Creator Garry Trudeau to Put 'Doonesbury' on Hold

Streaming service Amazon Studios has renewed its John Goodman comedy series Alpha House for a second season, Washington Post reports. Alpha House, which stars Goodman as one of four Republican Senators, concluded its 11-episode first season last month. There's no word on how many episodes the second season will consists of or when it will debut. The fate of Amazon's other new comedy, Betas, has yet to be announced one way or the other.

Alpha House's creator, Garry Trudeau, will put his long-running daily comic strip Doonesbury on an extended hiatus to work on the new season of his Amazon show. He will continue to create [...]

'Doonesbury' At 40

"I have been reading Doonesbury for most of my life. At the age of 12, my understanding of the immediate post-Watergate era was largely shaped by the Doonesbury compilations I would read while standing unobtrusively in the aisles of University Book and Supply in Iowa City, Iowa." Except for the Iowa part, this is also true of me. I suspect it may be true for a fair number of you as well. In any event, this is a nice appreciation of Garry Trudeau's 40-year career by cartoonist Tom Tomorrow.