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Justin Willman and Doug Benson Blew Some Minds Doing Magic Tricks at a Pot Dispensary

Here's a clip from tonight's Justin Willman Comedy Central special, Sleight of Mind, in which the comedian/magician truly blows some very stoned minds at a pot dispensary. Check out our full interview with Willman here for more about the special and how he wrangled up these eager magic fans.

Doug Benson and Pete Holmes Discussed Their Hugging History

On last night's Pete Holmes Show, Doug Benson dropped by and told Pete the story about the first hug they ever shared because Pete doesn't remember it. They also discussed Pete's personality on Doug's podcast, Pete revealed his unawareness of Gullver's Travels, and then there was some dancing.

10 Comedy Podcasts That Would Make Great TV Shows

TV is Dead, Long Live TV. While television is rapidly decaying on the business end of things, simultaneously it is consistently evolving, more artistically challenging and even auteur-friendly, and that is partially thanks to the infiltration of comedy podcasts. Some shows try to incorporate some of the DNA of their pods to the small screen, like Comedy Bang Bang and The Nerdist, while standups like Nikki Glaser, Sara Schaefer, and Pete Holmes have parlayed their numerous hours behind podcast mics into late night hosting gigs. Maron, premiering tomorrow, would never have become a reality if it weren't for his years hosting WTF with Marc Maron, the popular interview podcast that [...]

The Return of the 'Tompkast', Gilbert Gottfried Drops by 'WTF' and More

The comedy podcast universe is ever expanding, not unlike the universe universe. We're here to make it a bit smaller, a bit more manageable. There are a lot of great shows and each has a lot of great episodes, so we want to highlight the exceptional, the noteworthy.  Each week our crack team of podcast enthusiasts and specialists and especially enthusiastic people will pick their favorites. Also, we'll keep you posted on the offerings from our very own podcast network. We hope to have your ears permanently plugged with the best in aural comedy. 

BRADFORD: Before You Were Funny #6 - Dominic Dierkes, Shelby Fero

A [...]

Earwolf Challenge Update: Week Seven

The Earwolf Challenge, the weekly contest to crown one amateur podcast as the Earwolf network's newest show, is barreling towards it dramatic conclusion with only three podcasts left in the running following today's installment. The Challenge began the week with Totally Laime, Left Handed Radio, Little Dum Dum Club, and Bob and Dan Cast as its four remaining shows, but one was eliminated after giving what the judges deemed this round's weakest performance.

Host Matt Besser has been toying with his approach these past few shows, injecting more energy into his opening salutations and addressing web commenters' who've been bitching and moaning about how the show operates. The Earwolf.com [...]

Here's a Preview of Doug Benson's Netflix Special 'Doug Dynasty'

Here's a preview of Doug Benson's brand new standup special Doug Dynasty, in which Benson talks about a very strange Twitter handle that reached out to him recently. The special premieres on Netflix on November 6th, so get ready to watch way more Benson stoner face next month. (via Entertainment Weekly)

Tig Notaro Books Doug Benson, Wyatt Cenac, Herself and More for The Betzen Ball

The Bentzen Ball, the Washington DC comedy festival curated by Tig Notaro, returns again this October 10 through 13 with an awesome looking line-up. Hosted by DC online mag Brightest Young Things, opening night features Doug Benson, Wyatt Cenac, Jon Dore, found footage gurus Everything Is Terrible, and Tig herself, while closing night's show will feature Ira Glass and friends. Tickets to those shows are available now, and more shows will be announced soon.

Tig began curating The Bentzen Ball, named after a Danish doctor who supposedly laughed so hard while watching A Fish Called Wanda that he died, in 2009 after the city's DCcomedyFest died. After her – to put [...]

Going on the Road with Doug Benson in 'The Greatest Movie Ever Rolled'

It’s no secret that sometimes comedy is taken a bit too seriously. Comedy obsessives love not just the jokes, but the mechanics and emotions of the comedy world. There are a raft of comedy documentaries exploring comedy and comedians, but do they really have anything significant to add to the discussion? This series looks at comedy documentaries and whether they’re interesting, insightful, and possibly even…funny?

“I’m making a movie to raise money to make a movie about going on tour to raise money to make a movie about the tour,” Doug Benson says on stage at beginning of his new documentary, The Greatest Movie Ever Rolled. He then admits [...]

Fun Fun Fun Fest Has a Funny Funny Funny Comedy Line-Up

What a great trend it has been for music festivals to include comedians. Austin's Fun Fun Fun Fest, which this year runs from November 2-4, is one such example. This year's festival will include performances from Hannibal Buress, Wyatt Cenac, Tig Notaro, Eugene Mirman and more. It's perfect for that certain person who wants to pregame for Refused's Swedish Socialist hardcore by listening to David Cross crack some jokes. Check out the full comedy stage line-up below. Yes, it includes a Weird Al Tribute Band:

Short and Funny, Part 2: Conversations with Twitter's Top Comedic Performers

Yesterday, we heard from some professional comedy scribes who are prolific joke writers on Twitter. Today’s segment will feature thoughts and insights from Twitter-savvy performers (all of whom also write) you might know from their stand-up, film or television work.

Other than the escalating presence of tweets plugging shows and gigs, there isn’t much difference between the feeds of writers and those who are primarily performers. Both are trying to make you laugh. And some performers, including those who contributed to this story, will plug their work in offbeat and clever ways. Solicitation as entertainment. Double bonus.

Talking to us today about Twitter are Rob Delaney, Doug [...]

'High Maintenance,' 'Getting Doug with High,' and More to Air on Pluto.tv's Channel 420 This Sunday

Pluto.tv, a new and free online television platform, is celebrating 4/20 by airing 24 hours filled with a bunch of stoner-friendly comedy and other entertaining eye candy on their Channel 420. The daylong block of programming starts right at midnight on 4/20 and includes episodes of High Maintenance, Getting Doug with High, and more. Click through for the full lineup per Pluto.tv's press release:

Doug Benson's New Album 'Gateway Doug' Is Coming on July 9th

As has become an annual tradition, Doug Benson recorded a standup album on 4/20 this spring. This one is to be called Gateway Doug, and it'll be available from ASpecialThing Records starting on July 9th. It promises to contain "his thoughts on bees, Ice Castles, and inebriation." And, presumably, Columbine or Hitler's birthday, as otherwise I'm not sure why he keeps recording on that date every year. Doug's also on tour right now, so why don't you go see him live? Here are the dates:

Doug Benson's New Documentary to Debut Online Next Month

Here's the trailer for The Greatest Movie Ever Rolled, a new documentary from stoner comedian Doug Benson that will be available streaming online starting next month. The video site Chill.com, which released Maria Bamford's new special last year, will be putting the movie out March 11, but you can preorder it now. The movie follows Benson, who was also the subject of documentaries Super High Me and The High Road and hosts the popular podcast/LA live show Doug Loves Movies, and comedian friend Graham Elwood, documenting their lives on tour. Like Super High Me, which was a play on documentarian Morgan Spurlock's Super Size Me, the title [...]

Take the High Road with Doug Benson's New Movie

Here's the trailer for the latest movie from Doug Benson, comedian and Known Pot Smoker. It follows him on tour as he tells joke and smokes weed from a bowl, an apple, and – is that a didgeridoo? This truly may be The Greatest Movie Ever Rolled.