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Grace Helbig's New E! Hybrid Comedy/Talk Show Premieres in April

Now that Chelsea Handler has moved on to Neflix, E! is looking to author and YouTube star Grace Helbig to be its next big talk show host. In an announcement today, the network revealed that the Helbig-hosted talk show, tentatively titled The Grace Helbig Project, will premiere sometime in April. The series is described as a "hybrid comedy show" and will be a mix of celebrity interviews in "random locations" as well as a look at pop culture trends and interaction with fans via social media. Said Helbig on the news: "Congratulations to E! for giving an Internet-obsessed introvert a talk show. I'm looking forward to working [...]

Chelsea Handler Says Her Goodbyes on the 'Chelsea Lately' Finale

Chelsea Handler hosted her final episode of Chelsea Lately last night after seven years on the air, and a bunch of Handler's favorite celebrity pals appeared to help her say goodbye to her E! era before she moves on to her new life at Netflix. Click through to watch Handler and friends close out the episode with a "We Are the World"-style song called "Goodbye to E!"

Chelsea Handler Plans to End Her E! Talk Show

THR reports that after eight years on the air, Chelsea Lately host Chelsea Handler plans to end her E! channel talk show when her contract with the network expires at the end of 2014. According to her manager Irving Azoff, Handler — who has long been dissatisfied with the network and recently told Howard Stern it was a "sad, sad place to live" — is working on plans to leave at the end of the year and already has "at least seven suitors and many ideas." Azoff said that Handler's new presence could include a radio show or a new late night-style show on another network or digital [...]

Comedy Writers Strike on E!'s 'Fashion Police'

Writers for the E! comedy/variety show Fashion Police are on strike. After months of being paid for eight hours of work a week despite working full-time, the writing staff went on strike last week in order to fight for union contracts. One of the writers, Eliza Skinner, wrote a Tumblr post about the situation to try to convince comedians not to scab for the show while the writers are on strike. Producers aren't mentioning the strike when they ask people to scab, so it's possible for someone to take the job and not even realize they're putting out the striking writers. So, if you're a comedian or comedy [...]

Will Ferrell Knows What to Do with Chicks

Man, he really gives it to those chicks. (Though you can tell he doesn't feel comfortable eating the chicken nugget.) Those chicks probably won't walk straight for weeks because they're babies and are all wobbly and generally walk circuitously. Despite his success with chicks, in the clip below, Chelsea Handler isn't buying his ability with the chicks, like human lady chicks.

Joel McHale Is Developing an E! Show About Mean Internet Comments

Joel McHale is currently working on a new show for E! all about the snarky world of internet comments. Deadline reports that the network has given a pilot order to an untitled show hosted by comedian Michael Kosta that will "focus on deconstructing the often snarky comments on popular websites." McHale will serve as executive producer on the pilot alongside Kosta and The Soup showrunner K.P. Anderson, making it McHale's first project to get a green light from his overall development deal with E!, which extended his contract as host of The Soup through 2016.

Joel McHale Explains What It's Like to Be a Dyslexic TV Show Host

"There [are] all these live shows I'm doing with The Soup now, and I'm reading [a] teleprompter the whole time, and people wanted to promote [the show] by saying, 'Anything could go wrong!' That's what the E! executives wanted, and I was like, 'No, no, no! Just tell them I'm dyslexic. That should raise the stakes enough.' … It might not look like I'm concentrating and I'm just screwing around, but I really do have to concentrate while I'm reading. And half of the time I'm getting it wrong, but you can't tell because I'm just making up different words for it. It's smoke and mirrors."

- Joel McHale talks [...]

Did E! Rip Off 'Nikki and Sara Live'?

Earlier today, Nikki Glaser sent a sad tweet out to her followers: "So, @ENews blatantly stole a bit from my old MTV show. It feels really shitty." Glaser included a clip from Nikki and Sara Live, the 2013 talk show she co-hosted with Sara Schaefer, in which a counter dings every time the ladies touch a celebrity on the red carpet at the MTV Movie Awards. It's a move they dubbed the "gentle arm touch" to make fun of E!'s annoying need to get buddy-buddy with famous people, but it seems like E! may have hijacked this bit for their own gain. So did E! blatantly steal this [...]

Joel McHale to Host Spin-Off Series 'The Soup Investigates'

E! announced today that they're spinning off The Soup. The network is developing a new series, entitled The Soup Investigates, which will also be hosted by Joel McHale. The spinoff will feature McHale and a team of investigative reporters diving deep to answer pop culture-related questions. It sounds kind of like a version of The Soup with Daily Show-esque field segments, which could turn out funny and be an opportunity to develop several comedians into a core group of faux-reporters like The Daily Show has done. If Community manages to get picked up for next season by NBC and E! orders The Soup Investigates to series, Joel McHale could have [...]

Kevin Hart Subbed for Chelsea Handler; Still Hates Dolphins

Kevin Hart is currently killing it. He's one of the biggest stand-ups working, he's getting tons of movie roles, and last night he was asked to sub for Chelsea Handler as the host of Chelsea Lately. Yet, despite all of this grown-up success, he still maintains a child-like fear of dolphins. As you can see below, as soon as Joy Bryant brought up the ocean, he couldn't wait to bring up his grudge against dolphins. It's pretty impassioned. It's ruined his appreciation of almost 50% of lower back tattoos. Dolphins, however, have remained eerily silent thus far about what they think of Hart.

Joel McHale Extends His Contract with E! Through 2016

Fans of Joel McHale as host of E! show The Soup don't have to worry about him leaving anytime soon — at least not for the next two years. Deadline reports that McHale's contract with the network has been renewed through 2016. As part of the deal, McHale will continue to host The Soup and pitch unscripted series to the network via his own company Free Period Productions. McHale said in a statement: "Although I narrowly beat Mitt Romney out for the job in a number of states, I’m confident that I can keep up the same quality of humorous observation of shows like Naked Dating and Bad [...]

Watch T.J. Miller Guest Host 'Chelsea Lately'

Comedian T.J. Miller guest hosted E!'s Chelsea Lately Tuesday night, and here's a clip of his opening segment, which involves him donning drag for a Chelsea Handler impression and to hock her new book, Uganda Be Kidding Me. Check out Miller interviewing Wiz Khalifa below:

E! Execs Are Allegedly Sabotaging a Benefit Show for Striking 'Fashion Police' Writers

Last month, the writers of the E! network's comedy/variety show Fashion Police went on strike to fight for fair wages and a WGA contract. Said writers, who have not been making an income since going on strike in mid-April, scheduled a benefit show at LA's Laugh Factory to help earn them some money to pay bills in the meantime, but an anonymous writer for the show tells Perez Hilton that E!'s Vice President John Najarian bought out all the tickets to the event, causing it to quickly sell out in order to sabotage the benefit. As The Comedy Bureau points out, the Laugh Factory, which seats 350-400, [...]

Ken Marino's Web Series 'Burning Love' Is Coming to TV

The Yahoo! web series Burning Love is being edited into a TV show that will begin airing on the E! network next month, Entertainment Weekly reports. For those who haven't seen it, the show is a Bachelor parody that starred Ken Marino as a firefighter looking for love during its first season and is written by Marino's wife Erica Oyama (Childrens Hospital). Burning Love aired last year on Yahoo! Screen and was a big viral hit. The 14-episode first season will be edited into seven half-hour episodes much in the way that Rob Corddry's web series Childrens Hospital was edited into a 15-minute series for Adult Swim its [...]