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Talking to Elizabeth Laime, Winner of the Earwolf Challenge and Host of the Totally Laime Podcast

Last week, comedy writer Elizabeth Laime won the Earwolf Challenge, an intense, months-long competition that resulted in her podcast, Totally Laime, becoming a part of the Earwolf network, an organized cluster of comedy podcasts that is serving as one of the field’s pioneers. For eight weeks, Laime went head-to-head with some of the best under-the-radar podcasts out there, competing in specific tasks doled out by the Challenge’s host, Matt Besser. Now the competition’s victors, Elizabeth Laime and her co-host/husband “Psychic Andy” (the name’s a derivation of the word “sidekick”) are sitting pretty as the newest addition to the Earwolf network, which is cornering the market in the emerging medium [...]

Earwolf Challenge Update: Week Seven

The Earwolf Challenge, the weekly contest to crown one amateur podcast as the Earwolf network's newest show, is barreling towards it dramatic conclusion with only three podcasts left in the running following today's installment. The Challenge began the week with Totally Laime, Left Handed Radio, Little Dum Dum Club, and Bob and Dan Cast as its four remaining shows, but one was eliminated after giving what the judges deemed this round's weakest performance.

Host Matt Besser has been toying with his approach these past few shows, injecting more energy into his opening salutations and addressing web commenters' who've been bitching and moaning about how the show operates. The Earwolf.com [...]

Earwolf Challenge Update: Week Four

And then there were six. Another week of the podcasting competition Earwolf Challenge is now behind us, and another aspiring podcast has been sent packing. This week, the giants from the world of podcasting joining host Matt Besser on panel were Howard Kremer, host of Earwolf 's own Who Charted?, and WTF's Marc Maron. Maron and Kremer are an interesting and well-balanced pair in that their shows are similar but different. They both host chat shows, but their podcasts are on opposite sides of the spectrum tonally. While Charted is light and silly, WTF is oftentimes deep and dark. Nevertheless, they saw eye to eye on this week's podcast submissions, which made it [...]

Earwolf Challenge Update: The First Elimination

After the introduction of the 10 contending podcasts last week, the Earwolf Challenge kicked off its actual competition on Monday, with the podcasters being given their first specific challenge. The stakes were certainly raised by yesterday's news of the Earwolf network’s partnership with Funny or Die. That one year Earwolf contract — the competition’s grand prize — is looking more and more valuable by the day.

The Earwolf Challenge Declares its Winner

It's a big week for the Earwolf podcasting network for two reasons: 1) Earwolf's partnership with Funny or Die just kicked off on Monday, and 2) After two months of intense competition, it's time to crown the winner of the first-ever Earwolf Challenge. In the contest that aims to be the American Idol of comedy podcasting, 10 amateur programs entered for a chance to become Earwolf's newest show. The winning podcast will appear amongst the other shows on Earwolf's official website (and on Funny or Die) for one year, providing a major boost in listeners from what's become the leading network in comedy podcasting.

Earwolf Challenge Update: Week Six

The Earwolf Challenge, the competition to become podcasting network Earwolf’s newest show, is closing in on its final weeks, with only four podcasts remaining after today’s episode. It’s impressive how much these “amateur podcasts” have grown over the last six weeks, and how determining which show has frontrunner status has become hazy. Expect the competition to grow fiercer and the shows to push themselves harder to reach their best as the final weeks approach as that coveted Earwolf slot becomes a more tangible goal.

Earwolf Challenge Update: Week Three

With the third week of the Earwolf Challenge now over, the number of competing podcasts is dwindling fast. Host Matt Besser was once again joined by two guest judges — Paul Scheer, host of the Earwolf podcast How Did This Get Made?, and Matt Gourley of Superego — to cut the number of competitors down from eight to seven. This week, the podcasts were tasked with submitting a two-minute recurring segment for competition.

Earwolf Joins Forces With Funny or Die

As clever as combining jelly and peanut butter in a jar but without the "being disgusting" part, Earwolf and Funny or Die are blending their talents for an all-new podcast partnership. Starting in September, Earwolf will be the only podcast provider and producer for Funny or Die, which in return will license Earwolf's content and add it to their site. This seems like excellent news for the winners of the Earwolf Challenge, as well as the comedians hosting existing podcasts, as the partnership will introduce them to Funny or Die's 11 million monthly visitors. At least I assume that's the idea; I'm still stuck on Smucker's revolting [...]

Earwolf Challenge Update: Week Eight

In this week’s Earwolf Challenge, podcast network Earwolf’s weekly competition to select its newest show, host Matt Besser and the producers threw a little bit of a curveball at the three remaining contestants. While past week’s challenges have revolved around assignments like utilizing the guest and developing a strong theme song and intro, this week’s task, entitled “Time Crunch,” saw Besser and company deceiving the podcasters to see how they can handle a crisis. Dreamed up by Earwolf founder Scott Aukerman, this challenge called for Besser to tell the competitors they’ll have an hour to interview Zach Galifianakis, only to pull the rug out from under them by saying [...]

Earwolf Challenge Update: Week Five

The fifth week of the competition is now over, and we're down to the Final Five podcasts competing for a year-long contract with Earwolf. Things are heating up in the Earwolf Challenge as the number of remaining podcasts continues to drop, and this week's task was kind of a curve ball.

While the past weeks' challenges have catered more toward the chat shows, this week's assignment – to produce a comedy sketch of three minutes in length or less — gave the sketch shows a definite advantage. While The F Plus and Bob and Dan Cast occasionally produce sketches, the competition's other two remaining non-sketch shows, The Little Dum [...]

Earwolf Challenge Update: Week Two

The Earwolf Challenge, the reality competition podcast, held its second round of eliminations this week, with the total number of remaining podcasts battling for a contract with the Earwolf network dropping from nine to eight. This week was a content challenge, which seems like a much fairer element on which to judge the podcasts than theme music and intros last week. It's possible to have a good podcast with a sloppy theme song, but a good podcast can't exist without strong content; so this was a more practical way to evaluate the meat of the various shows.

For the challenge, the podcasters were asked to submit a two-minute clip [...]

The Earwolf Challenge: America’s First Reality Competition Podcast

The comedy podcast boom is still going strong, but a new podcast debuted this week that's looking to shake things up by trying something completely new. Created by Jeff Ullrich, the co-founder and CEO of the Earwolf podcasting network, The Earwolf Challenge is a show that’s broadcast thrice weekly and allows amateur podcasters the chance to compete for a coveted slot in Earwolf's lineup. The comedy podcasting universe is still in its infancy and its structure is still crystallizing, but, with popular shows like Comedy Bang Bang and Sklarboro Country, amongst many others, Ullrich and Scott Aukerman have secured Earwolf’s spot as one of the leading podcast networks [...]