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Plumbing Politics and the Crazy State of the World for Comedy with Andy Zaltzman

Andy Zaltzman is best known in the States as half of the excellent satirical podcast The Bugle, which he co-hosts with long-time collaborator John Oliver. A lover of all things satire, he's hosted his "Political Animal" show for years, and his new show, "Satirist for Hire", adds a twist to the format. For each show, audience members request topics for him to satirize with his sharp, pun-loving wit; topics range from war and government policy to sports and fashion trends. I caught up with him at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival to talk about audience suggestions and why The Bugle will last forever.

You’ve been coming up to the Fringe for 15 years. What’s the [...]

Talking to David O'Doherty About Standup, Edinburgh, and More

Irish comedian David O’Doherty is no stranger to our shores. His musical whimsy has been seen recently on Comedy Central’s The Half Hour and John Oliver's New York Stand-Up Show, and if you’re lucky, you can occasionally catch him doing his solo show at UCB or dropping in at Brooklyn’s Eugene Mirman Comedy Festival. Otherwise, he and his tiny keyboard can be found at comedy festivals the world over. For those unfamiliar, there’s no better to place to start than with his own introductory FAQ for the DOD.

Recently, I got the chance to wander around the Flatiron district of Manhattan with David in search of an [...]

How to Succeed at Edinburgh Fringe with Alex Edelman

Alex Edelman has had an excellent August. The American comic headed to the Edinburgh Fringe with his debut show, Millennial, and on Saturday, he walked away with the coveted Best Newcomer Award at the Foster's Edinburgh Comedy Awards. Past winners include stars like The Mighty Boosh, Tim Minchin, and Sarah Millican, and it means the eye of the British comedy industry has turned to the 25-year-old New Yorker. I caught up with him after his win in Edinburgh to talk about previewing his show in London, his American style, and being transatlantic.

So why did you decide to come to Edinburgh this year?

I had sort of been invited by accident in [...]

13 Shows to See at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe

It's not a huge event on the American comedy calendar, but every August, the Edinburgh Festival Fringe plays host to hundreds of comedians from around the world. In 1981, the first winners of the Edinburgh Comedy Award were the Cambridge Footlights, a group that included Hugh Laurie and Stephen Fry. Other winners have included Steve Coogan and Demetri Martin; Best Newcomer Awards have gone to Arj Barker and the Mighty Boosh.

The program for this year's festival, which will feature more than 900 comedy shows, was released last week.  While there are a few familiar American faces, including Todd Barry, David Sedaris, Margaret Cho, and Hannibel Buress, the program [...]

Daniel Sloss and the Art of Telling Critics to Piss Off

At only 23, Daniel Sloss has become one of the biggest draws at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. The Scottish comic played to packed houses during his fun in a 400-seat lecture hall in Edinburgh, and he's about to take his show "Really?!" on tour throughout the UK. He's also got his eye on the US, having appeared three times on Conan in the last year. I caught up with him in Edinburgh to talk about being famous in his hometown, not letting reviewers into his show, and his first attempt at pilot season in the US.

I feel like a lot of Americans don’t quite understand Edinburgh. What’s the appeal of the Fringe [...]