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Louis C.K. Went on a Twitter Rant About His Kids' Homework

Louis C.K. took to Twitter yesterday to express his frustrations with the homework his elementary school-aged daughter is being assigned by a New York public school to prep for standardized testing. In a series of tweets, C.K. took photos of some needlessly complicated math questions and shared his disdain for standardized testing and its effect upon public education. Check out his tweets on the matter below:

Columbia College and Second City Team Up to Offer a Comedy Degree

Columbia College in Chicago has joined forces with the city's esteemed Second City Theatre to offer the country's first-ever comedy degree this fall, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Columbia has offered theater students the chance to spend a semester studying at Second City for the past five years, but this new four-year degree in Comedy Performance and Writing "requires students to study both writing and performance, to do improvisation, physical clowning, and stand-up." Not that you need a degree at all for a career in comedy, but for those interested in paying a lot more to go through Second City's program, this is a way to do that.

Comments That a Professor Wrote in the Margins of One of My Essays, by Ryan Max Riley

• History is a construct, an invention of scholars really, so here I’d put instead of history: events in the so-called past.

• I think it’s fairly certain that primitive people were scared of the sun. You can go ahead and state this boldly.

• By the way, are you dating Jennifer, from class? Remember that the emergence of monogamy was a medieval legal convenience.

• This passage seems to have been written by a smarter person. This is not intended as criticism.

• This reminds me of the mapping of 17th-century Tokyo.

CollegeHumor Is Offering the First-Ever Scholarship for Average Kids

Web comedy powerhouse CollegeHumor announced this week that they're launching a new scholarship contest to specifically reward average students. Editor-in-Chief Streeter Seidell explains, "Some of the funniest, longest-serving writers at CollegeHumor—myself included—were unexceptional students… Now, in these difficult economic times, it's getting harder and harder for average students like we were to get free money for no reason at all." Click on this link for info on how you can apply for a chance at the two $5,000 scholarships the site is giving out, if that isn't too much effort for your lazy, average self.

Watch Lewis Black Give a College Commencement Speech

Of course, Lewis Black is the first person you'd pick to speak at a college commencement ceremony. (via Laughspin)

Why Do We Suck The Humor Out Of Education?

Abraham Lincoln was funny. Dante’s Inferno was funny. Chaucer was funnier than that one story involving a poker in the dude’s butt which your teacher had no choice but to admit approached funny because, I mean, poker in the butt.

But why don’t we teach these things? Specifically to younger students –- the ones who could benefit most from knowing that Moby Dick is packed with intentionally weird sitcom-y moments between the narrator and the crew. The ones who might study a little harder if they knew that Andrew Jackson was a smartass. The ones who would try harder to understand Shakespeare if they understood his insults.

Why are [...]