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Kristen Schaal Speaks Out Against Single Women Voters on 'The Daily Show'

Newly-married Kristen Schaal returned to The Daily Show last night to talk about a great threat to our nation's future: single female voters, joining FOX News in concern over why this demographic didn't turn out to the polls for Mitt Romney. Schaal files a compelling report and really earns the high-five she demands at the end of her segment.

Paul F. Tompkins, Jonah Ray, Kurt Braunohler, and More Talk How They Spent Election Night

As if you're not already sick of hearing about the election, a bunch of great comedians called into Southern California radio station KCRW to share their election night plans. Here's a three-minute audio clip of comments from the comedians who called in: Jonah Ray, Cameron Esposito, Paul F. Tompkins, Jackie Kashian, Moshe Kasher, Kristina Wong, Tom Sibley, Will Weldon, Dana Gould, and Kurt Braunohler. I swear this is the last election post I'll write unless Louis C.K. or Dan Harmon punches Mitt Romney in the face or something.

'The Onion' Has Tips for Avoiding Your Friends' Political Facebook Posts

Logging onto Facebook this week is like stepping onto a minefield, but instead of mines, this minefield is full of self-satisfied "I Voted" posts and  lots of name-calling and yelling. That's why we're lucky to have The Onion News Network's advice for circumventing the inanity of the internet this week. It's best to just avoid your computer and all electricity altogether this election gets sorted, whether it be tonight or tomorrow or several weeks from now, which would be the worst case scenario for your Facebook news feed and would probably see people deactivating their Facebook accounts in droves.

'The Chris Gethard Show's 12-Hour Election Special Is Happening Right Now

Comedian Chris Gethard's nutty public access show will be broadcasting live election coverage all day, from noon to midnight EST, both streaming online (embedded here) and on the Manhattan TV station MNN4. Get ready for some seriously uninformed but fun political coverage, which should be a nice break from the mainstream media's the election reporting, which is not any fun outside of all the flashy graphics. The Chris Gethard Show's candidate Connor Ratliff will be in-house, and if the underdog pulls of an upset and beats favorites Obama and Romney, it'll make this episode of The Gethard Show pretty historic.

You'll Never Guess Who Will Ferrell and Chris Rock Want You to Vote for

Will Ferrell and Chris Rock have added their voices to the chorus of comedy people endorsing Barack Obama, leaving Dennis Miller and the character Stephen Colbert awfully lonely as the only two people in the humor industry backing Romney. Here's Will Ferrell's funny campaign ad, released via Barack Obama's YouTube channel.

The Hollywood Reporter just released a list of celebrities hitting the campaign trail for Obama. Folks like Jon Hamm, Cedric the Entertainer, Jack Black & Kyle Gass, Fran Drescher, and Happy Endings stars Zachary Knighton and Adam Pally are helping Obama do some last-minute campaigning, along with the cast of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, who were [...]

An Electiony Week in Comedy

– Barack Obama won re-election, just like South Park predicted.

The Daily Show, Colbert, Conan, Key & Peele, and The Chris Gethard Show all covered the election.

– Newly-re-elected Joe Biden is coming to Parks and Recreation. Unfortunately, he won't be squaring off with Ron Swanson.

– Kristen Wiig and Bill Hader are making another movie together.

– Michael Ian Black debuted his new 4AM Adult Swim infomercial parody You're Here.

– Maria Bamford is releasing a new stand-up special, recorded in her living room in front of only her parents.

– We rounded up 13 great stand-up comedy bits about Star [...]

Late Night Roundup: Stewart, Colbert, and Conan Cover the Election

The Daily Show and The Colbert Report covered the election live last night and were able to announce Barack Obama's victory by the time the first show was a few minutes in. Here's the star-studded intro to The Daily Show, featuring Soledad O'Brien, Patrick Stewart, and Anderson Cooper and his golden saxophone.

With the big networks pre-empting their late night shows for non-comedic election coverage, TBS's Conan was the only other late night show to tackle the election last night (although the episode was taped in the afternoon). Check out some election highlights from last night's live installments of The Daily Show and Colbert, and pre-taped Conan after the [...]

Who's Your Favorite Comedian Voting for?

Just Jared has compiled a list of which celebrities are voting for which presidential candidate (the choices are Barack Obama and Mitt Romney, for those who haven't been keeping up). It's no surprise that much of Hollywood tends to gravitate towards Obama, and the comedy industry does too, in particular. We've whittled out all the boring, dreary non-comedy people from Just Jared's list to give you this list of who all the big comedians are putting down on their ballots. Voting for whoever your favorite celebrity chooses is how democracy works now, so make sure you examine this list closely before heading to the polls:

Barack Obama's comedy [...]

Conan Shows Off Mitt Romney's Star-Studded Political Rally

Here's a promo for Mitt Romney's star-studded political event, the Rom-Paign-U-Bration Last-Minute Election Celebra-Jam, which proves once and for all the Democrats aren't the only ones who can book cool celebrities on the campaign trail. I'm sure Obama would kill for George Costanza's mom's endorsement.

'Daily Show' and 'Colbert' Will Give You the Only Live Election Coverage You Need

Once again, The Daily Show and The Colbert Report will be reporting live on election night on Tuesday, marking the sixth presidential election (since 1992) that Comedy Central is covering live. The shows will air live at 11 and 11:30 on the East Coast, 8 and 8:30 on the West Coast. The Daily Show's coverage is called "Election Night 2012: This Ends Now," while Colbert's is "Election 2012: A Nation Votes, Ohio Decides; The Re-Presidenting of America: Who Will Replace Obama? ‘012!" This should easily top the election coverage from the so-called "real news," whose journalists "with credentials" aren't half as good at coming up with these funny, really [...]

The Election Made Stephen Colbert Sad

Stephen Colbert opened his show last night wearing a robe while he glumly munched on popcorn, still bummed out over Mitt Romney's loss. Those of you who voted for Barack Obama did this to him. Doesn't feel so great now, does it?

Hit the jump to see more of Colbert moping over the "four more years of hopey change" that Obama has in store for us.

Key & Peele Deliver Obama's Other Victory Speech

As you may or may not have heard, President Obama won re-election last night. Here's Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele's version of Obama's accepatance speech from tonight's episode of their Comedy Central sketch show Key & Peele. With help from anger translator Luther, Key & Peele's take on Obama's speech is just as inspiring and eloquent as the real thing and also ends with the MC Hammer Dance.

'South Park' Is Calling the Election for Obama Early

Trey Parker and Matt Stone only have one day between when we learn the results of the Presidential Election tonight (hopefully) and when the South Park season finale has to be ready tomorrow, so they've called the election early. The title of tomorrow's episode is "Obama Wins!" and it should be a mad dash to rewrite and retitle the whole thing should that Romney guy actually pull this off. Judging by the above preview, the plot involves Cartman rigging the election, which would be a great way of getting around hypothetically having to rewrite and rerecord the whole episode in under a day.

Check Out 'The Daily Show' and 'Colbert Report's Election Eve Coverage

Today's a big day for America, and last night, Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert had their last go at the election before the polls open this morning. Here's the start of The Daily Show, in which Stewart sends correspondents Jessica Williams and Aasif Mandvi to the Obama and Romney rallies. Embedded below is Stewart and Colbert's election coverage from last night, mostly on Obama and Romney's last-minute campaigning in battleground states. Both Comedy Central fake news shows will be back tonight at 11pm EST/8pm PST for their live election coverage, which, as usual, will outclass the actual news networks' election coverage.