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Elizabeth Banks Is Making Her Feature Directorial Debut with 'Pitch Perfect 2'

Elizabeth Banks is set to make her directorial debut with the sequel to Pitch Perfect, THR reports. Banks originated the idea for the first movie, a comedy about college a cappella groups, and also co-starred in and produced it. Kay Cannon is returning to write Pitch Perfect 2, and Banks will also be reprising her character. Stars Anna Kendrick and Rebel Wilson are also expected to return. Though Banks has never directed a feature before, she has previously directed shorts for Funny Or Die and the American Heart Association and a segment in the anthology film Movie 43.

Reggie Watts and Elizabeth Banks Sing about Love and a Log House and in Gibberish

Remember when Elizabeth Banks was all like, "I'm a terrible singer?" Classic under promise, over deliver. But seriously, isn't it dangerous to have a fire in a log cabin? Wouldn't the entire house catch on fire instantly? Maybe that's why Elizabeth couldn't remember any of Reggie's stories: she was constantly frightened that she was about to be engulfed by flames.

Avery Jessup Obviously Killed Kim Jong Il, Right?

The most pressing consequence of Kim Jong Il's death is clearly how 30 Rock will use the news to resolve its Avery Jessup kidnapping plotline. Here is one possibility, taken directly from the pages of my brand new 30 Rock spec script, entitled "Seoul Assassins":


Liz enters.

Liz: Jack, would you please come downstairs and explain to Tracy that the NBC peacock is not trying to eat him?

Jack: Not now, Lemon, I need to confess something. I'm telling you because you are the least politically connected person in Manhattan, including the family that lives inside the dumpster on 79th Street.

Liz: Yeah, did [...]

Heaven, or the Wet Hot American Summer Set?

Forget Party Down and Arrested Development. After reading this oral history of the making of Wet Hot American Summer, I am throwing all my support behind a Wet Hot American Sequel. If only for the opportunity to drive up to the camp where it's being filmed and participate in what sounds like the most fun couple weeks anyone has ever had anywhere. As Amy Poehler described it, "We were being given the chance to take one more shot at summer camp, only we were wiser, better drinkers, and more sexually experienced."

Only read this article if you have the time and emotional stability to get really jealous and [...]

Elizabeth Banks on 30 Rock: "I like to play Avery as though she is Jack Donaghy with boobs."

The AV Club has an interview with Elizabeth Banks today in which she discusses her character on 30 Rock: "The writers wanted a sort of money-honey. It’s a combination of a lot of those types of characters, and also sort of an indictment of Fox News, right? [Laughs.] In that, of course, the blonde beauty would be this person. At the same time, I personally take my inspiration from Jack Donaghy. I like to play Avery as though she is Jack Donaghy with boobs. Why they love each other as much as they do is that they agree on pretty much most things when it comes to the [...]

This 'Walk of Shame' Trailer Has a Lot of Funny People

Here's the first trailer for Steve Brill's next movie Walk of Shame, about an aspiring reporter whose one-night stand leaves her stranded in downtown with LA with only eight hours to get to a career-defining job interview. The trailer is full of wonderful comedy people like Elizabeth Banks, James Marsden, a brunette Gillian Jacobs, Bill Burr as a cop, Kevin Nealon in a helicopter, and a mulleted Tig Notaro.

Elizabeth Banks Talks Apatowian Comedies vs. 90s High Concept Farces and More

Elizabeth Banks sat down with Slate to talk about being funny in funny movies, having crap-filled babies, and looking like but not being Parker Posey. This is one of a few parts but she never does answer the question on everyone's minds, what's the deal with that super cool red motorcycle behind her? Why is it so cool and red? Do tell, Elizabeth, do tell.

5 Reasons What to Expect When You're Expecting Looks Pretty Funny for a Baby Movie

5. Bridesmaids' Wendi McLendon-Covey, Rebel Wilson and Ben Falcone are all in it.

4. So is Chris Rock!

3. The sight of Tom Lennon using an inhaler in slow-motion.

2. …and of Elizabeth Banks freaking out over pregnancy unicorns.

1. Rob Huebel feeds his baby cigarettes. Game over.

The movie opens May 11, so if you have sex now, you'll be good and pregnant by then!

Our Idiot Brother Review Round-Up: Paul Rudd, Idiot Savant

Snuggle into this here hurricane-proof lean-to, ya'll, because we've got to batten down the hatches for another Review Round-up! Everyone seems to agree that the fact Our Idiot Brother's Paul Rudd is a sweetie peachy pie is the movie's greatest strength. "This movie wouldn't work without Paul Rudd. He walks such a fine line. He has to be nice, but not a fool. Sweet, but not saccharine. Honest enough to cause trouble, but always innocently," Roger Ebert writes. "It's refreshing, this late in the summer, to find a hot weather comedy that doesn't hate its characters and embed them in scatology and sexual impossibilities." Says the New [...]

Elizabeth Banks Will Play a Hungover Anchorwoman in 'Walk of Shame'

In what seems like a combination of two of the past decade's most popular comedies, The Hangover and Anchorman, funny lady Elizabeth Banks will be playing a hungover news reporter in Walk of Shame, a new comedy from writer/director Steven Brill. Variety reports that the prospective film will star Banks as a woman who loses her audition to be a TV reporter and goes out for an atypical night of hard drinking, only to wake up the next morning  in a stranger's bed with a foggy memory of the night before and a phone message saying she got the job and is expected to be on the [...]

Avery Jessup Is Returning, Or Else Is Still Kidnapped

Avery Jessup is coming back to the US a free woman! Or possibly she will continue to be held hostage by Kim Jong-un. But either way, she'll be getting some screen time this May, when Elizabeth Banks reprises the role for May sweeps. The show's been stringing this North Korea plotline out for a while, so my bet is that Jessup will be back in the USA come sweeps. And what better excuse to bring Jack Donaghy's uncomfortable attraction to his mother-in-law to an awkward, incestuous head?

Elizabeth Banks Sells Spooktacular Comedy To Fox

Maybe I already have Halloween fever (diagnosis: terminal), or maybe the power of a succinct description is just undeniable, but the new single-camera show Elizabeth Banks just sold to Fox sounds the greatest idea of all time. Entitled Dave's Dead, the Hollywood Reporter says the show is currently "being billed as Shaun of the Dead meets My Name is Earl." WHERE CAN I MAIL ALL MY MONEY TO GET THIS MADE PLEASE? Sadly, Banks and husband Max Handelman will only executive producer, rather than star, so if a gore-covered Banks gnawing on entrails was what sounds most appealing about this…well, than that makes two of us.

Paul Rudd Is an Irresponsible Stoner in the First Trailer for Our Idiot Brother

Here's the first trailer for Our Idiot Brother, which features Paul Rudd as a freewheeling stoner who's taken in by his three sisters, played by Elizabeth Banks, Zooey Deschanel and Emily Mortimer, after he gets in trouble with the law. He wears some pretty amazing tank tops in it! I'm on board.