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Looking Back at Ellen and Mitch Hurwitz's Sitcom 'The Ellen Show'

The Paley Center for Media, which has locations in both New York and LA, dedicates itself to the preservation of television and radio history. Inside their vast archives of more than 150,000 television shows, commercials, and radio programs, there are thousands of important and funny programs waiting to be rediscovered by comedy nerds like you and me. Each week, this column will highlight a new gem waiting for you at the Paley Library to quietly laugh at. (Seriously, it’s a library, so keep it down.)

Before Mitch Hurwitz created Arrested Development, he cut his teeth writing on The Golden Girls, but you already knew that. Between the latter and the [...]

See Amy Poehler Watch a Bunch of Scary Prank Videos

Amy Poehler went on Ellen today, and Ellen showed her a ton of mean Halloween prank videos, all of which Poehler laughed at but disapproved of. Even though she claims she doesn't like the videos, it's still pretty fun to see Poehler react to them and make jokes.

Check out the rest of Poehler's appearance on the show below:

Watch Kate McKinnon Do Her Ellen Impression on 'Ellen'

SNL's Kate McKinnon went on Ellen today as Ellen DeGeneres, performing her excellent impression of the talk show host for the first time. I guess this means we won't get to see one of those SNL sketches where McKinnon is playing Ellen and the real Ellen walks out and McKinnon acts like she's scared and the real Ellen acts like she's mad but then they dance together at the end.

Is That Ellie Kemper Dancing Behind You Right Now?

Well, Ellie Kemper is the actual bomb. When she appeared on Ellen earlier this week, she gave that dancing host a run for her money with a series of sneak dance attacks as part of the show's "Dance Dare" segment. She grooved on the set of The Office; she grooved behind Ellen Degeneres' mom. She grooved with a mouse; she grooved in a house. She grooved in a box; she grooved on a fox. Minus the last four things.

David Beckham to Host SNL in January?

According to the Mirror, David Beckham is set to host SNL in January. He was invited on based on his performance in the above Ellen sketch. Is that what it takes these days?

Kate McKinnon and Ellen DeGeneres Talk Bieber, Mr. Bill, and Australians

SNL's fastest rising star Kate McKinnon paid her second visit to Ellen yesterday, and the ladies talked about everything from McKinnon's Justin Bieber impression to their shared connection with SNL's "Mr. Bill" sketches. McKinnon even whips out her Australian accent near the end, though I guess it was too early to say "Look atcha boner!" on television.

Ellen DeGeneres to Host the 2014 Oscars

Ellen DeGeneres announced this morning via Twitter that she'll be hosting the Oscars next year. This is the comedian/talk show host's second time MC'ing the awards show. Her first was in 2007. The Academy picking DeGeneres comes after a hosting stint at last year's ceremony by Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane that wasn't received great. MacFarlane said a couple months ago that he was invited back to host the 2014 ceremony but turned it down. DeGeneres is a pretty drastically different choice from MacFarlane, and I'm guessing she'll get a warmer reception. Not as warm as Tina Fey and Amy Poehler, who did an amazing job [...]

Ellen Degeneres Likes Kate McKinnon's Impression of Her on 'SNL'

Here's Ellen Degeneres discussing and playing clips of Saturday Night Live's recent Ellen parody on an episode of her show. Degeneres is a good sport about the whole thing and seems to be fond of cast member Kate McKinnon's impression of her. It's only a matter of time before the two are dancing together side by side, whether it be on SNL or on Ellen.

Elisha Cuthbert Shows Conan More of Her Happy Endings Impressions

I think everyone who saw Elisha Cuthbert's Renee Zellweger impression on Happy Endings the other week wanted to see far, far more of it. And now we can, and it is good. She also busts out a SOLID Ellen Degeneres dancing. Let's go ahead and ask that any and all people working on Happy Endings and Ellen table their other projects and devote themselves entirely to the goal of getting Ellen to guest star on the sitcom and have an Ellen's-dance-moves dance-off with Alex, yeah?

Sofia Vergara Pulls a Hidden Camera Prank on Ellen

Modern Family's Sofia Vergara was on Ellen yesterday, and Ellen sent her to a store on the WB lot with hidden cameras and an earpiece that allowed her to tell Sofia exactly what to say. Dudes being infinitely polite and patient to an insane-yet-beautiful lady ensues.

Ellen DeGeneres Gives Seth Meyers a Celebrity Interview Crash Course

Seth Meyers paid Ellen DeGeneres a visit a month ahead of his first Late Night episode, and the two-time Oscars host decided to test Meyers's celebrity communication skills with a few spitfire mock interviews. I'm sure Seth can't wait to ask Kim Kardashian all those questions when he undoubtedly has her on as a Late Night guest for many years to come.

Steve Carell Went on 'Ellen' Dressed as His 'Despicable Me' Character

Here's an example of the kind of frightening (and fun) things that happen on daytime TV when all of us are at work or napping.

Steve Carell and Ellen DeGeneres Play Charades and Win Hearts

Why every network isn't trying to make "Celebrity Charades" into a series is beyond me. It would be the best. Speaking of the best, this video is the best. Some people might say that having someone try to pantomime "popsicle" is a cheap laugh. Well, those "some people" suck. It's an expensive laugh because it's good and valuable and I'd pay 12 zillion laugh bucks for it. Shut up, some people. Live a little. Play charades a little. And if you do, I hope ALL your clues are "popsicle".

Modern Family's New Lily Questions Metaphysics of Acting, Boobs

video platformvideo managementvideo solutionsvideo player Get ready, Modern Family fans (Modern Fan-ilies? Eh). Jesse Tyler Ferguson told some ridiculously adorable stories about New Lily on Ellen last Friday, starting with her obsession with Sofia Vergara's chest (though really, who doesn't have that obsession? This just means she's human). He also shows a clip where Lily tells Cam and Mitch that she's seen them on Modern Family. WHOA.