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Alia Shawkat Gets Some Psychic Post-Murder Advice from Emily Heller

Here's the latest episode of Above Average's ongoing web series The Future with Emily Heller, in which celebrity guest Alia Shawkat seems to have done something horrible involving a bloody knife that she insists is not her fault.

Emily Heller Gives Tim Meadows a Psychic Object Reading

Here's the newest installment of Above Average's web series The Future with comedian and celebrity psychic Emily Heller, now back to read into guest Tim Meadows's future (or lack thereof) as a hopeful budding artist whether or not she left her tarot cards on her car again.

Watch John Mulaney Get a Tarot Card Reading

This is the latest episode of The Future, a new web series from Lorne Michaels's company's YouTube channel Above Average. Each week on The Future, comedian and self-proclaimed psychic Emily Heller looks into the future of a different comedian guest. Her guest this week is John Mulaney, and his appearance on the show is a really fun time.

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Everybody is a jokester on Twitter, but only a select few are truly worthy enough to have all of their witticisms transmitted to you, the ever busy comedy fan trying to navigate through an increasingly congested internet. Every Friday we'll make your life a little bit easier by introducing you to an individual who consistently makes us laugh and momentarily forget that other days of the week exist.

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Emily Heller (@MrEmilyHeller) is a comedian that wouldn't be lying if she [...]

Emily Heller Gives Haley Joel Osment Some Psychic Financial Advice

In the latest installment of her Above Average web series The Future, Emily Heller sits down with Haley Joel Osment, who comes looking for some financial advice but ends up getting haunted by the movie line he's best known for — an unfortunate distraction he's surely used to by now.

Check Out Wired's New Animated Web Series 'Codefellas,' Featuring John Hodgman and Emily Heller

Here's the first episode of Codefellas, a new animated web series that Wired recently debuted. Created by David Rees and Brian Spinks, it's an NSA workplace comedy starring John Hodgman and Emily Heller as NSA workers Henry Topple and Nicole Winters. It's a fast, funny comedy that does for domestic spying what Archer does for international espionage.

Check out episodes 2 and 3 below:

Watch Emily Heller Do Stand-Up and Be Funny at the Same Time on 'Conan'

Here's NYC-based stand-up Emily Heller making her debut performance on Conan last night and doing a great job. In addition to stand-up, Heller is the star of the new Above Average Network web series The Future, in which she gives comedians psychic readings, and she's also a top-notch Twitterer, which is totally a real word now.

You Had To Be There #76: Emily Heller

This week, the ladies describe the agony and the ecstasy of handling hecklers, inspired by a recent showdown Nikki won at the Cellar. Sara recounts a potentially scary exchange from the road that ended the best possible way and invites hilarious comic Emily Heller (John Oliver's New York Stand-Up Show, Baby Geniuses podcast) to tell a horror story of her own. Next, the competition for Most Similar to Emily begins: is it Sara, who once played Emily on national television, or Nikki, with whom Emily shares a fun neurological condition/super power? The trio delve into difficult dating, toxic friendships, and mild sex cults, but close out [...]

Emily Heller Gives Olivia Wilde a Very Short Psychic Reading

Here's the newest installment of Emily Heller's Above Average's web series The Future, in which Heller forces her latest customer Olivia Wilde to settle for a "Psychic Lightning Round" while also making sure she gets a good Yelp review out of it.

Emily Heller Says Her High School Debate Team Trained Her to Do Comedy

"One of the things I learned in debate that helped me not just with comedy but with everything is, learning how to make analogies. One of the most common ways of making a point is also a really common device for making a joke. If you’re doing observational stuff, you’re kind of making a point. And the harder you can make that point hit, the funnier it can be–and I learned that from debate for sure. Making analogies to make something sound ridiculous works for both winning a debate round and making people laugh."

-Standup Emily Heller talking to Fast Company about the many ways her high school debate [...]

Watch Above Average's New Web Series 'The Future with Emily Heller' and Guest Reggie Watts

Above Average, the YouTube channel from Lorne Michaels's company Broadway Video, just debuted a new web series today. It's called The Future and features stand-up Emily Heller giving psychic readings to comedians. Reggie Watts is the guest for the first episode, which was directed by The Lonely Island's Jorma Taccone and explores the subject of feline breast augmentation in-depth.

John Oliver to Stand Up with Other Comedians for a Third Season

John Oliver's New York Stand-Up Show is returning for a third season on July 20th at 11:00pm. Headliners will include Hannibal Buress, Marc Maron, David O’Doherty, Michael Ian Black, Dana Gould, and Wyatt Cenac. Also appearing will be Leo Allen, Kurt Braunohler, Michael Che, Dan St. Germain, Emily Heller, Mike Lawrence, Adam Newman, Andy Zaltzman and so on and so on. OK, all of these funny people are going to be on your show, we get it! Stop bragging, John.