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12 More TV Comedies That Netflix Should Resurrect From the Dead

Funded by the collective prayers and wishes of the internet hive mind, with possibly some help from dubious business practices in Iraq1, Arrested Development will be brought back from the dead next early Sunday morning on Netflix. The critical and financial success of this unprecedented experiment in TV resurrection will decide if other shows will be able to continue to tell their stories long after a broadcast or cable network had canceled it, thereby cheating death, defying nature. To save Netflix, or Amazon Instant, or any current or future video streaming service the burden of thinking too much when they decide to play God, here are 12 comedies whose [...]

Fun Thing to Buy of the Day: 'Enlightened' Season 1

It took a while for Enlightened to fully gain the public's recognition, but by the time it finished its second season this past Sunday, it had become one of the more talked-about shows on television. The emotional semi-comedy, created by and starring Laura Dern and Mike White (and featuring Jason Mantzoukas, Molly Shannon, Luke Wilson, and more) may or may not be returning to HBO next year for a third season, but in the meantime you can listen to all the buzz and pick up the first season to check it out. By the time you're done maybe the second season will on DVD already! [...]

You Can Watch New Episodes of 'Girls' and 'Enlightened' Early on HBO Go Today

To avoid competing with the Super Bowl for ratings this Sunday, HBO has made the newest episode of its series Girls and Enlightened each available on its streaming service HBO Go right now. The episodes will also air on HBO early this Saturday (in additional to their normal Sunday timeslots) to avoid a Super Bowl scheduling conflict. Or you could just ask every one at your Super Bowl party to take a quick half-hour break from the big game to see what Lena Dunham and her friends are up to. Your call.

HBO Sets 'Girls' and 'Enlightened' Return Date; Confirms Larry David Movie

Last week we mentioned that Larry David's rumored movie might end up on HBO. Today HBO confirmed as much. Also announced is that Enlightened and Girls are set to return in January 2013. Hopefully by then Hannah has stopped eating cake on the beach.

Is HBO Trying Too Hard To Be Edgy Instead of Funny?

When was the last time you saw people blogging really excitedly about Bored to Death? Hung? Other than Curb Your Enthusiasm, does HBO have any great comedies right now? And why not, if dramas like Boardwalk Empire and True Blood get people so jazzed?

This article makes the argument that HBO's "It's not TV" attitude actually works to its detriment when it comes to comedy. By trying to emphasize what's different about HBO, the network misses out on tried-and-true comedy formulas. Take Enlightened: the show is "nuanced and muted" on HBO, but "on Showtime, it would star Elizabeth Banks as a lovable psychopath who escapes from a mental [...]

HBO Cancels 'Enlightened'; Somebody Start a Kickstarter Right Now

After two excellent but low-rated seasons, HBO has canceled its critically-acclaimed comedy-drama Enlightened. HBO released a statement yesterday saying, "It was a very difficult decision. We’ve decided not to continue Enlightened for a third season. We’re proud of the show, and we look forward to working with Mike White and Laura Dern in the future."

The series, created by White and starring Dern as a woman who returns from rehab and attempts to do some good in the world by taking down the evil company that employs her, debuted in 2011 and earned Dern a Golden Globe for her performance. It was considered a surprise when HBO renewed Enlightened for a [...]

'Enlightened' Season 2 Review: It's 'The Wire,' But Funnier

Something like a little less than one month ago, Patton Oswalt began to tweet his effusive praise of a show very few people had heard of. Like a virus, more and more people on Twitter began to speak the world of it, suddenly discovering that the half hour after Girls Sunday nights on HBO wasn't a test pattern, a talk show talking about Girls that just ends up being a conversation about Lena Dunham, or even a classic episode of Arli$$. Instead, they found a challenging, uncomfortable, intelligent, incredibly nuanced work that wasn't The Wire that is categorized as a "comedy," and featured a bunch of talented comedic actors. [...]

The Return of 'Enlightened,' TV's Most Cinematic Comedy

The HBO comedy-drama Enlightened flew under a lot of people's radars when it premiered in the fall of 2011, scoring soft ratings but a Golden Globe win for star Laura Dern. HBO surprisingly kept the series around, renewing it for an eight-episode second season amidst a bloodbath of cancelations for the network's other low-rated comedies like Bored to Death, Hung, and How to Make It in America. Critical acclaim and awards attention might be what spurred HBO's decision to spare Enlightened, as well as an appreciation for creator Mike White's vision for the show. This season, which just kicked off last night, the network's putting more stock in the [...]

Potentially Emmy Nominated Actresses Discuss Being Funny and Farts and Vaginas

"So many Emmy roundtables so little time," says everyone this month. "But they talk about farting on set," says I! Also, this roundtable takes place around a square table, which makes it slightly more visually interesting. In the full, uncut version below they discuss hosting SNL, the non-controversy (or nontroversy) surrounding women being funny, and more.

Maria Bamford and the Cathartic Comedy of Mental Illness

Maria Bamford is launching a revolution from her microphone. In less than two years, Bamford has survived the death of her best friend — her pug, Blossom — and a battle with depression, suicide, and hospitalization. The result: Her stand-up contains some of the most transformative work being done around mental illness and stigma today.

Last Monday, comedian Mike Birbiglia Tweeted, “Saw [Maria Bamford] tonight at Caroline's. I've never seen a comedian who made me want to give 25 standing ovations in one set.” He wasn’t alone.

I have seen Maria Bamford perform for almost eight years, primarily at the now-shuttered Lakeshore Theatre in Chicago. Her act has always been [...]

'Enlightened' Creator Mike White on American Audiences' Unfair Gender Bias

"If I have a male protagonist, it’s a studio movie, and if it’s a female protagonist, it’s an indie movie. That’s just how it is. It’s not about the studios. It’s about America and who goes to see movies. Women are interested in men and women, and men aren’t interested in the woman’s story. They just aren’t. There are exceptions, but by and large … I mean I do think that it’s feminizing for a guy to go see a movie with a female lead unless it’s Angelina Jolie shooting people or Zero Dark Thirty or something that feels like it’s in the male sphere. The devaluation of the traditional female roles [...]

The New Season of 'Enlightened' Looks Neat

Here's the trailer for the second season of HBO's acclaimed series Enlightened, which debuts on January 13th at 9:30, right after Girls. Created by Mike White and Laura Dern, Enlightened stars Dern as an unhinged woman trying to take down the evil company she works for from the inside. The show also stars Mike White, Diane Ladd, Luke Wilson, and Timm Sharp, with Jason Mantzoukas sticking his head in every now and then. Enlightened flew under a lot of people's radars when it aired its first season last year, but now that it's paired with Girls, you should start watching it immediately because it's real good.

The 2011-12 TV Season's Best New Comedies

We’re still in the midst of a golden age of television. At least, I think the era of quality programming that began with The Sopranos is still going, right? If you look at the new comedies we’ve seen this past season, the answer to that question is a firm “maybe”; however, the TV season that gave us Work It, Rob, and I Hate My Teenage Daughter also gave us a few good sitcoms, as well. Join me as I dive deep into this past TV season’s most enjoyable comedies – from sitcoms to sketch shows to 11-minute animated thingies. Know that all of the shows on this list, except [...]