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Read a New Oral History About the Birth of 'South Park'

Entertainment Weekly has a new South Park oral history out today, and it's a great look into how Trey Parker and Matt Stone's "The Spirit of Christmas" shorts evolved into a smash hit Comedy Central series. Here's an excerpt from former Comedy Central president Doug Herzog:

Anybody that tells you they knew it was going to be a hit—and the only people I would believe if they said that would be Matt and Trey—that’s just bullshit. Nobody knows, right? What we did know was it was really funny. We thought it was clever. And for a network that was still struggling to reach 50 million homes, we went, [...]

Tig Notaro Is Hosting a New Web Talk Show for 'EW'

Entertainment Weekly debuted this new web series hosted by comedian Tig Notaro today. Called Up Close with Tig Notaro, it's a talk show in which Notaro interviews people while physically on top of or underneath them and you can check it out here. Up Close is a nine-part series, with guests like Sarah Chalke and Jack Black lined up for future installments. Community star Gillian Jacobs is Notaro's interviewee in today's debut episode.

What to Expect from 'Girls' Season 2

Entertainment Weekly has an exclusive first look at Girls' new season, which premieres on HBO on January 13th. WARNING: MILD SPOILERS CONTAINED BELOW: The new season will involve Jessa dealing with a bunch of puppies  her new husband (Chris O'Dowd) bought her as a wedding gift (pictured here). Meanwhile, Adam is recovering from the car accident last season and is still feeling hurt by Hannah. Speaking of Hannah, she's now living with her gay ex-boyfriend Elijah(Andrew Rannells), and the two throw a karaoke housewarming party that doesn't go as planned. Lena Dunham, Girls' creator/star/writer/producer/director/probably the sound editor too, tells EW, "You know how an infant doubles its weight [...]

Entertainment Weekly Dubs Parks and Rec "TV's Smartest Comedy"

This week's issue of Entertainment Weekly features the gang from Parks and Rec (save a conspicuously absent Adam Scott) on the cover and the headline "TV's Smartest Comedy." Not bad! The article inside features "101 Reasons We Love It," including tidbits such as: • Selling everyone — including some people on their own staff — on the initial plot about a pit wasn’t easy. “Even our line producer just stared at us,” says Daniels. “He didn’t think we were serious.” • Poehler reveals a litmus test for choosing Leslie’s outfits: “As a rule, if I put something on and I’m like, ‘That’s cute!’ I would take it off.’ [...]

Matt Walsh, Rob Corddry, Donald Faison, and Rob Huebel Are Tired of Being That Guy From That Thing

Entertainment Weekly recently put together this PSA from some of Hollywood's finest character actors including Matt Walsh, Rob Corddry, Donald Faison, and Rob Huebel, who have taken a note from Chris Pratt's transition from Parks and Rec regular to smash hit Hollywood superhero and insist that their wait for the spotlight is now over.

What Makes a Comedy a Comedy?

Since the announcement of this year's Golden Globe nominations, a debate has sparked over the Best Motion Picture, Musical or Comedy nominees. All of the five films nominated in the category — American Hustle, Her, Inside Llewyn Davis, Nebraska, and The Wolf of Wall Street — are unarguably not laugh-out-loud movies, but according to Entertainment Weekly, the only qualification the Hollywood Foreign Press Association upholds for a Musical/Comedy category film is whether it makes an audience laugh. From the article:

In pop culture, comedy often implies a position where you’re outside of things, laughing at them; whereas drama suggests empathy, identification, compassion, with no laughs to get [...]

‘The Larry Sanders Show’ Cast Reunites and Garry Shandling (Wisely) Doesn’t Want a Movie

Entertainment Weekly reunited some classic TV and movie casts for this month’s reunion issue, including Arrested Development, Cheers, and National Lampoon’s Vacation, but today, EW published an interview with Garry Shandling and a reunion video of the cast of HBO’s The Larry Sanders Show, featuring Jeffrey Tambor, Mary Lynn Rajskub, Rip Torn, and more.  The Garry Shandling interview, although short, has some interesting moments. On the massive impact the show has had on the next generation of sitcom folk, Shandling said, “Sometimes I’ll be watching TV and what happens is I’ll flip to [a show] and within two seconds, I feel like I’m in the writers room again. [...]

Enough Is Enough With "SNL Isn't Funny Anymore"

The moment Murray, Belushi and Aykroyd left, it started to be "cool" to dis SNL. You’ve heard the criticisms. When Entertainment Weekly’s Annie Barrett reviewed 30 Rock's live episode (which was shot in SNL’s Studio 8H, with the same production crew), she described it as “like SNL, but funny!” Good one, Annie. No matter how funny or relevant SNL becomes, commentators are still reluctant to praise the show, whining that it has lost the "edge" or "energy" of the previous era.

What’s weird is that I don’t remember anyone loving the "previous era" very much, either. How quickly we forget the visceral reviews hurled at the show [...]

Thomas Lennon and Ben Garant Look Back at 'Reno 911!' and a Possible Distant-Future Reunion

Entertainment Weekly ran an interview with Thomas Lennon and Ben Garant yesterday all about their beloved Comedy Central series Reno 911!, from the "Naked Jamaican" idea that didn't pan out to the movie sequel that never happened to which sketch is now used in an LA police training video. At the end of the interview they were both asked about the possibility of bringing back the show in some form — Lennon says they've had casual talks with Netflix in the past — and here's what Garant had to say of the idea:

It's not a hard show to do. There's a reunion that you can see [...]

There's a Poster for Patton Oswalt's 'Star Wars' Sequel Rant

Earlier this week, NBC posted a video on YouTube of Patton Oswalt going on an eight-minute rant about his dream Star Wars sequel on Parks and Recreation, and now somebody at Entertainment Weekly designed a poster for Oswalt's movie. Boasting the title Star Wars Episode VII: The Gauntlet of Infinity, the poster features everyone from Oswalt's rant: Boba Fett. Han Solo, all the Marvel superheroes, the guy from Clash of the Titans, etc.

Check out the full-sized poster below:

Why Adam Scott Was Left Off Entertainment Weekly's Parks and Rec Cover

Yesterday I wondered about the odd exclusion of Adam Scott from the photo on the cover of the latest Entertainment Weekly. Here's the man himself with an explanation: Being a lifelong New Yorker (I grew up in Northern California and live in Los Angeles), when Entertainment Weekly called and begged me to be on the cover of their magazine (the show I’m on, Parks and Rec, was going to be on the cover, and thus I would ride its coattails) and that the shoot would be anywhere but Manhattan, I, of course, said no (yes). To even consider leaving my fair city (I’ve never lived here) makes me [...]