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It's That Episode: Conner O'Malley Straight-Up Bro's Out With 'Entourage'

On "It's That Episode" Craig Rowin (UCB Theatre) invites guests over to watch any episode of any TV show they want. They discuss the episode and other crap.

Conner O'Malley (UCB's The Law Firm) drops by to show his perverse fandom of Entourage by watching that episode where Turtle gets those shoes. Conner and Craig discuss how everyone know's Turtle's shoe size, why no TV show can properly capture the shooting of a TV show and of course some talk about Terminator 2: Judgement Day.

Download now (MP3), listen on iTunes here, stream the full episode below, or listen on Sirius/XM Radio, Channel 406, every [...]

So…The 'Entourage' Movie Script Was Finished

Just when you thought it was safe to visit Los Angeles, Doug Ellin has informed Deadline that he's putting the finishing touches on an Entourage feature. This comes almost exactly a year to day the series finale aired. It's still early, as HBO execs have only heard “a very general pitch” thus far; however, Ellin, who created the series with Marky "Mark" Wahlberg, is optimistic: “I’m excited. I feel a lot of positive energy…Everywhere I go, people ask me, 'Where’s the movie?'" Where exactly is he going? Beer shotgunning contests? Protein powders and shakes megastores? Entourage conventions? (Oof, can you imagine the smell of clashing colognes?) Doug explained the movie [...]

HBO Passes on Old Guy Entourage

Hwhaaat? Doug Ellin's 40 is not moving forward at HBO? But the world needs an old guy Entourage! There are so many stories left untold about career opportunities that look like they aren't going to happen but then suddenly do happen and everyone does a toast of beer bottles on a balcony at sunset! I refuse to believe this news.

Real-Life Johnny Bananas Suing Entourage in Douchiest Trial of the Century

An MTV reality "star" by the name of Johnny Bananas is suing the creators of Entourage because they use that name as the title of Johnny Drama's highly improbable animated series, Johnny's Bananas, in the show. Hopefully, the judge will sentence all involved parties to a life sentence on the grounds of come the fuck on.

Entourage Pursues Anthony Weiner In Effort To Be More Entourage-y

In case the former Representative wasn't sure if his career was truly in the Dumpster or not, executive producer Doug Ellin has offered Anthony Weiner an Entourage cameo, though sadly Ellin has heard "nothing" in response. The casting choice would defy all odds in officially making Weiner the most unappealing character on the show. Just kidding, IT'S STILL TURTLE.

The 'Entourage' Movie Might Be Worth It Because Tom Scharpling Is Writing His Own Version on the Radio Next Week

News came in yesterday morning that a movie based on the HBO show Entourage has been greenlit, but more importantly, Tom Scharpling, host of the radio show/podcast The Best Show on WFMU announced via Twitter that he'll be writing his own Entourage movie live on the radio on Tuesday (9pm EST/6pm PST). Scharpling has proven capable, with co-conspirator Jon Wurster, of writing shallow dirtbag characters on The Best Show and he's also pretty good at making fun of Entourage. Listening to Scharpling riff his own Entourage movie might actually be worth the hefty price of living in a world where the Entourage movie is a real [...]

'Entourage' Film to Start Shooting in January

Since the series finale, an Entourage movie has been a popular topic of conversation at many male necklace stores and wet t-shirt contests. Well, it seems like they've finally priced out the tequila budget and are looking to start shooting in January, with a script written by the show's creator Doug Ellin. Previously, Mark Wahlberg talked about the film as a return to the show's roots:

I think a 90-minute movie of sheer craziness—the guys getting back to just being about the guys, you know? Lose the ladies. Go crazy. Give people what they want.

Yeah, screw those chicks, man. It should be just dudes hangin' and drivin' [...]

Lord Help Us, Kevin Dillon Says There Have Been Talks of a "Johnny Bananas" Entourage Spin-Off

I reported a while back on how some MTV reality "star" who goes by Johnny Bananas was planning to sue the makers of Entourage because they featured a ridiculous fake animated show called Johnny's Bananas. That suit has now officially been filed, but it really has no chance of succeeding because it is idiotic. The real news? This gem, buried a dozen paragraphs deep in the Hollywood Reporter story on the lawsuit:

For his part, Kevin Dillon, who had the character-playing-character role of "Johnny Bananas" in Entourage, told reporters in August that neither he nor Ellin "knew anything about [Devenanzio]" when the character was created, saying the [...]

The Entourage Movie You Need To Live Is On Its Way

If you were already pressing cold steel to the side of your head at the prospect of surviving a Turtle-less existence, chase away those thoughts of suicide for at least a year or two more: the Entourage movie is definitely happening. Well, allegedly. “We’re going to do a movie," creator Doug Ellin confirms. "We’re going to do it. It’s a question of when and how quick. We’ll sit down and come up with an idea." Co-producer Mark Wahlberg adds, "“Well, I said if I had to finance myself, I’d do it. I certainly hope it has a chance to become a feature film, everybody always says the episodes [...]

Entourage Producer Wants Charlie Sheen For Final Season

While the possibility of a Charlie Sheen cameo on Entourage threatens to produce an almost cataclysmic amount of dick cheese, producer Doug Ellin says he's planning to "come up with something good" for the actor, which we're assuming means Charlie will get that Two And A Half Men finale he always wanted.

‘The Larry Sanders Show’ Cast Reunites and Garry Shandling (Wisely) Doesn’t Want a Movie

Entertainment Weekly reunited some classic TV and movie casts for this month’s reunion issue, including Arrested Development, Cheers, and National Lampoon’s Vacation, but today, EW published an interview with Garry Shandling and a reunion video of the cast of HBO’s The Larry Sanders Show, featuring Jeffrey Tambor, Mary Lynn Rajskub, Rip Torn, and more.  The Garry Shandling interview, although short, has some interesting moments. On the massive impact the show has had on the next generation of sitcom folk, Shandling said, “Sometimes I’ll be watching TV and what happens is I’ll flip to [a show] and within two seconds, I feel like I’m in the writers room again. [...]

The Slow Death of the Traditional Television Season

If you haven't noticed, this isn't the end of 2012 (and according to my Mayan friend, Maya, the end of the universe). We are drawing a distinction between a Season In Review and a Year In Review, as to celebrate the traditional television season. But in doing so, I realized the idea of the television season itself doesn’t seem to loom as large as it once did. The excitement over finales and the despair over time apart from favorite shows feels shorter lived. Mostly, it doesn’t feel final, as it's not like television is going anywhere. If anything, the summer is a more exciting time for television as for [...]

Michael Imperioli and Adrian Pasdar Cast in Entourage 2, I Mean, 40

Doug Ellin is making a single-camera ensemble comedy pilot for HBO about four lifelong friends so obviously it's time to play the "mapping these characters to the Entourage characters" game! (Critics of the game say that every round is kind of the same and nothing ever happens, but the theme music is great.) Michael Rapaport's character is described as a "neurotic everyman," so I guess that mean's he's E. Ed Burns will play "a father who used to work at Bear Stearns making more than $2 million a year but has now been out of work for almost a year," so, Johnny Drama. That leaves the newly cast [...]

I Think You Come Out on Top Here, Tina Fey

Here's Entourage creator Doug Ellin on meeting Tina Fey: "Tina had a great line to me and [Entourage producer] Rob Weiss at the Emmys four years ago. We were like, 'You're just gonna beat us every year, huh?' And she looked at us deadpan and said, 'Yeah, but I'm sure you guys get more pussy than I do.'"