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Ed Helms to Star in Comedy 'Epic Fail'

Ed Helms has lined up another starring film role. According to Deadline, Helms is signed on to star in Epic Fail, a film he co-developed with Nicky Weinstock focused on "an elite but unorthodox Special Forces team that takes their dysfunction and excessive firepower on a desperate mission to save America — led by the only soldier more badass and more mustachioed than a Navy SEAL, The Walrus." Chris Poole and Archer's Mike Arnold — who was developing an NBC show with Helms last year — will write the script. This makes the most recent Ed Helms movie news following last year's updates about him possibly starring [...]

Jon Hamm Is Prepping for His First Leading Role in a Comedy in 'Epic Fail'

Jon Hamm is the envy of most Americans for being incredibly talented at both dramatic and comedic acting, as well as being absurdly good-looking on top of all of that, and he's looking to take his comedy game to the next level by starring in his first movie comedy, Variety reports. Hamm is circling a movie called Epic Fail, in which he'd play a high school teacher who hires two of his students to kidnap his wife so he can be the hero and save their marriage. Epic Fail was written by rookie Kevin Costello and will be directed by Mark Teitelman, an ESPN veteran who's a budding [...]