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Charlie Day Tells College Graduates About the Importance of Risk, Failure, and Not Giving a Shit

Here's a recent commencement speech It's Always Sunny's Charlie Day gave to his alma mater Merrimack College that's two parts hilarious and one part sincerely enlightening. Day tells the story of turning down a comfy financial services job offer after college to instead move to New York to pursue an acting career, why "having a plan B can muddy up your plan A," and why failing is so important to success: "Do what's uncomfortable and scary and pays off in the long run."

The Chase Is the Thing and the Thing Is the Chase: Learning to Love Failure

The following was posted to the Chris Gethard Show Tumblr as a response to an anonymously asked question, which follows. It's reprinted here with permission.

For Chris: I’ve always really wanted to get into acting and/or comedy but I’m terrified of failing at it. How do you get the courage to perform?

First off – the terror you’re feeling will never go away if you choose to go into this field. That’s just something I want to say very bluntly right at the top. There is no sugar coating that. I know it’s horrible to hear, but the terror ain’t going nowhere. That fear will manifest itself many [...]

When Meagan Prematurely Ends Her Trip to Mars, Let’s Respond in a Dignified Manner, by Erik Cofer

You guys, Meagan is our friend. She has her faults, but she always means well. I guess what I’m really trying to say is that when Meagan’s plan to help establish a colony on Mars and ultimately save humanity from extinction inevitably fails and she comes crawling back to Earth, let’s show her the support she deserves.

I know it’s going to be tempting to point out how we all told her she was nuts beforehand—or crack jokes about her acne and how we’re all just one cosmic calamity away from extinction and you, Meagan, had the chance to help change that but you failed miserably, so thanks for [...]

Watch Adam Carolla's Failed Animated Pilot

The above was Adam Carolla's pilot for Birchum, his failed Fox series based on a Crank Yankers character. It's amazing this show didn't get picked up, doesn't everyone love watching a grumping old guy complain about kids these days with their peanut allergies and gift bags and not getting hit by strangers. It ends with Lynyrd Skynyrd's "Free Bird" playing. Get it? The last lyrics you hear is "I can't change." Get it? Kids these days don't appreciate heavy-handed metaphors anymore. [Via]

Watch Michael Cera and Aubrey Plaza in Michael Cera's New Short Film

Here's "Failure," a new short film Michael Cera made for the YouTube channel JASH. Cera directed and stars in the short alongside his Scott Pilgrim vs. the World costar Aubrey Plaza, who plays a bigger weirdo than normal in this.