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Here Are a Bunch of Fake 'SNL' Movie Posters

If you're a fan of fantasizing about SNL movies that never happened, New York cartoonist Dan Meth has drawn up 26 fake SNL movie posters for Buzzfeed, and they're pretty great. Click through to see the posters for three SNL films that actually almost came to fruition, then head over to Buzzfeed to view the rest.

Patton Oswalt Posted a Bunch of Funny Fake Movie Ideas on Twitter

The 2013 Toronto Film Festival is currently underway up north, and comedian Patton Oswalt fired off a series of descriptions and reviews of the festival on Twitter over the weekend. Oswalt's Twitter antics are always good for a laugh, and he came up with an excellent assortment of fake movies here, from the Duplass Brothers' mumblecore Batman film to David Mamet's Benji.

Check out all Patton Oswalt's fake movie descriptions below:

President Obama Is Totally Starring in the Next Apatow Film

Oddly enough, Barry Obams wasn't the first choice for the role. Albert Brooks passed. Then Morgan Freeman passed, as to avoid being typecast. Then came Sinbad because of his experience acting in White House-set comedies. Eventually Obama was approached. Apatow and Obama met at a party for famous men that have two daughters and a super cool wife.