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HBO Cancels 'Family Tree' and 'Hello Ladies'

HBO has canceled a couple of its new comedy series. THR reports that Family Tree, starring Chris O'Dowd and co-created by Christopher Guest, and Hello Ladies, starring and co-created by Stephen Merchant, have been canceled by the pay-cable network. Both shows aired their eight episode first (and only) seasons last year. Hello Ladies will, however, have one final special episode.

While these two shows have been canceled, HBO is in talks to renew its comedy Getting On for a second season. An adaptation of the UK show of the same name, Getting On stars Alex Borstein, Niecy Nash, and Laurie Metcalf as a trio of nurses at a geriatric [...]

Christopher Guest on His New HBO Series 'Family Tree'

Christopher Guest's new HBO/BBC2 series Family Tree is set to debut this spring, starring Bridesmaids' Chris O'Dowd as a guy traveling the world to investigate his family lineage. Christopher Guest regulars Michael McKean, Fred Willard, Ed Begley, Jr., and Guest, himself, will be making appearances throughout the first season. HBO passed the following interview with Guest along to us, in which he discusses his move to TV, how he researched the series, and why he always works with the same actors:

HBO: You are well-known for feature films such as Best in Show, Waiting for Guffman, and A Mighty Wind. What led to your conceiving a TV series?

Christopher Guest: I thought [...]

Christopher Guest's New Show a Welcome Guest on HBO

HBO in conjunction with BBC Two has agreed to deal with Christopher Guest for his show Family Tree. The show will go straight to its first season without having to go through the pilot process, which must be pretty nice for CG. The show, which was created by Guest and Jim Piddock, stars Chris O'Dowd as Tom Chadwick, a 30-year-old who, after losing his job and girlfriend, inherits a box of belongings from a great aunt, which starts him off on a journey to learn more about his bizarre family. That sure sounds like a TV show, right? It just is so TV showy, what with its protagonist [...]

Watch a New Trailer for Christopher Guest's 'Family Tree,' Coming to HBO May 12th

Here's a new trailer for Christopher Guest's upcoming HBO series Family Tree, which stars Chris O'Dowd and features Christopher Guest regulars like Michael McKean, Ed Begley Jr., and Fred Willard in recurring and guest starring roles. This is the first thing Guest has written/directed since For Your Consideration in 2006, so his return after nearly a decade is a pretty big deal. The trailer is also the first announcement of Family Tree's premiere date. It'll be airing at 10:30 Sundays after Veep, beginning May 12th. It's definitely good we got a precise date on the premiere so you don't have to just keep checking HBO every half-hour all spring.


Christopher Guest Casts Three New People in HBO Series, None of Whom Are Eugene Levy or Catherine O'Hara

Christopher Guest has added three new people to the cast of his HBO series Family Tree. The show will be his return to writing/directing after six years away that's expected to run 8 episodes on HBO and BBC Two next year. Deadline reports that Nina Conti (Four Your Consideration) and UK actor Tom Bennett will be regulars on the series, whereas Amy Seimertz (Tiny Furniture) has been hired for a recurring role. As previously reported, the show centers around Bridesmaids' Chris O'Dowd as a guy who sets off on a journey to learn more about his family after getting fired and dumped. Christopher Guest regulars Michael McKean, [...]

Christopher Guest Is Working on a Television Show

Christopher Guest has been mostly inactive since 2006's For Your Consideration but that is about to change. It's being reported that Guest is working with Jim Piddock to create a television show. Television seems like a natural fit for the Guest and his ability to create completely lived-in worlds for his characters. The hope is to have it run commercial-free on a network like HBO or Showtime, or maybe even Netflix.  Entitled Family Tree, the show will be primarily improvised and will about a man, played by Chris O'Dowd, tracking down his real family. They are going to need do a lot of prosthetic eyebrow work on O'Dowd [...]

Watch the Trailer for Christopher Guest's New HBO Show 'Family Tree'

Here's a short teaser trailer for Family Tree, a new HBO series from Christopher Guest that stars Chris O'Dowd (Bridesmaids, Girls) as a guy trying to track down his parents. It's the first show/movie we've seen from Christopher Guest in seven years, since the movie For Your Consideration in 2006. Christopher Guest regulars Michael McKean, Fred Willard, Bob Balaban, and Ed Begley Jr. will appear in guest starring and recurring roles, along with people who haven't worked with Christopher Guest, I assume.

Christopher Guest Casts His New Comedy with Exactly Who You'd Expect Him to Cast

It’s been six long years since Christopher Guest’s last comedy, For Your Consideration, but he’s finally back behind the camera for a new HBO/BBC2 series called Family Tree, which sees Guest working in the mockumentary format that he’s done so well with in the past. The Hollywood Reporter, um, reports that Fred Willard, Michael McKean and Ed Begley Jr., all members of the Christopher Guest Repertory Company, have signed on for recurring roles, which begs the question: “Where are Eugene Levy, Harry Shearer, and Catherine O’Hara?”

It was announced last month that Family Tree would center around Tom Chadwick (played by Bridesmaids’ Chris O’Dowd), who, after getting fired from his job and dumped by his girlfriend, [...]