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Dan Harmon to Post-Cancellation 'Community' Fans: "Sit Back and Relax for This Chapter"

Community creator Dan Harmon took to Tumblr this morning to reach out to fans in the wake of NBC's cancellation of the show last week to both address rumors about the show possibly being shopped around to other networks and whether or not he wants fans to start another uproar for its resurrection. While Harmon is clearly bummed that Community was given the axe, he says his thoughts on the idea of shopping the show around are in the "eh column," but at the same time he's "not going to be the guy that recancels canceled Community." From the post:

I'm scared to tell you how little [...]

New Documentary, Real-Life Cheesy Poofs Commemorate 15 Years of South Park

Having started with the South Park art exhibit in New York this past March, South Park's Year of the Fan continues to give the people what they want for the show's 15th season, including a phantasmagorical South Park Fan Experience at San Diego's Comic-Con, and a South Park documentary to be released this fall, about which the press release says, "A documentary crew was given an all-access pass to Stone and Parker's world at South Park Studios in Los Angeles." Second- or third-most importantly, Cheesy Poofs will be made manifest and sold this fall in Wal-Mart, thus finally giving you a legitimate excuse to be in [...]

See the 'Arrested Development' Fan Art Created by the Winners of the Walk-On Contest

Last month, the folks behind Arrested Development's upcoming Netflix season announced a contest, in which fans were encouraged to submit Arrested Development-inspired art, videos, and photos for a chance to win a walk-on role on the show. Now, the contest is over, and here's what the six winners turned in, so that those of you who didn't make the cut can have someone to focus your jealousy and rage on:

Twitter Is For Strokes' Lovers, Or How The Internet Isn't All Bad

When you're hunched over your computer 24 hours a day like I am, eyeballs drying into golden raisins as you tweet and Tumbl towards a future where we're controlled by our overlord Mark Zuckerberg's new puppy, it's hard to remember that sometimes the internet is downright adorable. For example, this past weekend, the Twitter addictions of Jake Fogelnest and Questlove helped two Strokes fans survive 55 hours in the freezing cold. Mental survive counts; one would argue it's the most important survival of all. After Jake tweeted about their adventures of patience in the SNL standby line, incredibly dedicated Strokes fans Emily and Molly managed to hear [...]

NY Comic Con 2011: Why It’s Good To Be a Fan

To get to the Venture Brothers panel at New York Comic Con 2011, I had to wait in a long line to get to another line, to get to another line, all to get to the main line for admission to the IGN Theater. During the wait, I befriended the suited guy in front of me, who said he’d recently moved to New York from Atlanta. Trying to think of something conversation-y to say, I told him I was surprised that so many people wore costumes when the costume contest wasn’t till Sunday. He smiled at me and said, “You’ve never been to a con before, have you?”

When [...]