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The Ultimate Comedy Library: 57 Books Every Comedy Fan Should Read

Books are smart and reading is good for you!

This can be hard to remember because of podcasts and television and movies and all the other things begging for attention from your eyeballs and ear holes. A lot of funny stuff is in the media, we get it! But books can be funny, too. Just look at all the comedians making books! Comedians are always writing books about themselves, or about comedy history, or about writing, or just fun stuff called "fiction." And a lot of it is worth reading.

Because we are here to help, we made for you a list of some of the best comedy books — [...]

George Saunders' Latest: "Home"

This week's New Yorker is the annual Fiction Issue, and as such is full of wonderful short stories by excellent writers. Especially of note is "Home," the newest story from humorist/hero George Saunders. It's available in full online, so you might as well go read it immediately.

A New David Sedaris Story: "Vomit-Eating Flies"

Here's a new short story by David Sedaris entitled "Vomit-Eating Flies." It's set to be included in the paperback version of Squirrel Seeks Chipmunk, which will be released on October 4th. It is, as the title indicates, about a couple of flies feasting on some vomit.