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'SNL' Review: Business as Usual with Dakota Johnson

Two weeks ago, SNL's 40th anniversary reminded us what we love about this show. The routine scrutiny fell silent at the images that once captured each generation: the classic setups like "Celebrity Jeopardy," "Nick the Lounge Singer," and "Wayne's World"; the tongue-in-cheek smugness of regulars like Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin; the moments when endearing nobodies became stars before our eyes. We can complain that SNL lacks originality, but our hearts long for the familiarity we used to have, for the days when we'd pray for Chris Farley to crash into a scene or the TV Funhouse dog to drag the show away or Tina Fey to do the news.

As SNL falls back into business [...]

The Complete Guide To Everything: Celebrity Gossip Roundup

Have you all been following the latest celebrity gossip? No? That's okay, because this week Tim and Tom get you all caught up on what you need to know about the brightest stars in all of showbiz. From Snooki's new baby to Lance Armstrong's fall from grace, there is literally no other place on the internet to hear about celebrities and their exploits. One would think that a fertile topic like celebrity news would be well covered on various blogs and news sites, but we checked, and it turns out that this podcast is the only place to hear about it.

Well, actually, first Tim has some gripes [...]

The Complete Guide To Everything: Star Wars

Earlier this week, the world heard the news that a new installment of a little-seen art house film from the 70s called Star Wars is in the works. The internet exploded with excitement at the prospect of a new sequel in a series that people absolutely hate exactly half of. In this episode, we talk about the upcoming Star Wars Episode VII, as well as the cult of Star Wars in general.

Also in this episode, Tom informs Tim of his legal obligation to always record the podcast while wearing a shirt, and Tim regrets giving Tom power of attorney. Also, Tom takes steroids for a week and [...]

The Complete Guide to Everything: Richard Dawson and Glasses

Look, sometimes you want to do a podcast that will be informative and comprehensive, covering a topic in-depth and teaching the world a thing or two. And sometimes you'd rather discuss your feelings about former Family Feud host Richard Dawson and talk about carrying around a large stick of pepperoni in case you want a quick snack sometime. This week's episode falls into the latter category.

In a freewheeling discussion, Tim and Tom talk about working in a butcher shop, lewd jokes made by game show hosts, the problem with American cheese and boat murders, among other things. Also, Tom has some complaints about the way he was treated [...]