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The Complete Guide To Everything: Meteors

This week we talk about the latest terrifying meteor and asteroid events that made us all think that we might possibly die suddenly and without warning at any time. We also discuss NASA's starting lack of telescopes, the difference between an asteroid and a meteor and why Fred Flintstone was kind of a jerk.

Also, Tim tells a tale of an aggressive truck driver who might be tracking him down to do him harm, we announce a New York live show (March 1st at UCB East) and we hear from someone on the "inside" at McDonald's who we plan to get special information from.

This week's episode is brought [...]

The Lost Projects of Seth MacFarlane

He’s been called “the smartest man in TV” by Entertainment Weekly after he cornered the market on Fox animated sitcoms. Seth MacFarlane, creator of Family Guy, Patriotic Family Guy, and Black Family Guy, is one of the most successful writers in TV history – pulling off the rare feat of balancing three shows at once. The guy’s stock continues to rise too, as he branches out into feature films this year with his big-screen directorial debut, Ted. The guy's been so busy the past decade, it's a wonder he hasn't spontaneously combusted.

Whether you’re a Seth MacFarlane fan or a comedy snob who’s part of the Trey Parker/Matt [...]