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Fred Savage to Play Rob Lowe's Brother in Fox Pilot 'The Grinder'

Kevin Arnold is back! Well, kind of. According to THR, child star-turned-director Fred Savage has signed on to star opposite Rob Lowe in the Fox pilot The Grinder. Savage will play Dean's (Lowe) little brother Stewart Sanderson "who is constantly in his shadow. When Dean returns to his hometown looking for a new direction in life, everyone is dazzled by his charm and celebrity —except Stewart, whose nerves are quickly frazzling. But when Dean preempts an eviction case and makes it a cause celebre, Stewart is outraged by Dean's effrontery." Savage's last regular sitcom role was on 2006's Crumbs on ABC, but in recent years he's focused [...]

Fred Savage, Comedy Director

Fred Savage made the transformation from child star to go-to director of kick-ass TV comedies, including Modern FamilyHappy EndingsParty Down, BFFs and It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. The Hollywood Reporter sat down with him for a profile of his career. He seems like a nice guy, which will make it tougher for you to dislike him for being more successful than you from age 13 on.

Fred Savage Will Direct All of the 'Garfunkel and Oates' IFC Show

Riki Lindhome and Kate Micucci of the musical comedy duo Garfunkel and Oates have an IFC show out soon, and according to THR, child star-turned-director Fred Savage has signed on to direct the series. Savage has had tons of experience directing both single and multi-cam comedies, including episodes of Modern Family, Party Down, Happy Endings, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, and 2 Broke Girls, not to mention every episode of Lennon Parham and Jessica St. Clair's short-lived but beloved NBC series Best Friends Forever. Jonathan Stern (Children's Hospital, Burning Love) will serve as executive producer with former head SNL writer Dennis McNicholas on as showrunner. Garfunkel and [...]

Adam Pally Drives Colin Hanks, Fred Savage and His Sister Around, Almost Kills Them All

In the second episode of his web series "Riding Shotgun," Happy Endings' Adam Pally drives Colin Hanks, Fred Savage and his younger sister around LA. He asks increasingly awkward and semi-insulting questions of Hanks, which is made all the worse/better by the fact that he almost gets into multiple accidents while reading from his question list. If only all talk shows were this dangerous.

Fred Savage to Direct His First Movie, Written by the Creator of 'Happy Endings'

Wonder Years star-turned-sitcom director Fred Savage is making the jump to directing movies. THR reports that he's in talks to direct a "Bridesmaids-esque comedy" called Ladies Night, starring Charlize Theron and written by Happy Endings creator David Caspe. The movie follows a woman who, frustrated with her boyfriend's unwillingness to commit, sets out to have one last night out with her friends before moving to New York. This is one of two comedies Charlize Theron is currently working on, along with Seth MacFarlane's A Million Ways to Die in the West. Fred Savage has developed into a very talented and sought-after sitcom director over the past [...]

Adam Pally Asks Fred Savage the Important Questions

Adam Pally, of ABC's Happy Endings, took Fred Savage (who also directed an upcoming episode of Happy Endings) around in his car to ask him some important question about his storied showbiz career. Mostly revolving around who he has and has not slept with. Come on bro, Topanga was so hot, how could you not go for that? What 12-year-old boy didn't have a crush on her?