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T.J. Miller One-Ups Eric Andre's Crazy 'Attack of the Show!' Appearance

Comedian Eric Andre had an out-of-control appearance on G4's recently-canceled series Attack of the Show! Wednesday, which resulted in him exposing himself and yelling about how the show was canceled so it didn't matter. Not to be outdone, yesterday's guest T.J. Miller also exposed himself and got physical with a Christmas tree. I guess Attack of the Show's last weeks on the air will just be filled with naked pandemonium.

Eric Andre Secures His 2013 "Most Unpredictable Talk Show Guest" Nomination

Don't Trust the B—- and The Eric Andre Show star Eric Andre got a little out-of-control on G4's Attack of the Show! yesterday, disrobing without any warning. But the show's cancelled, so it's fine, right? Everything's allowed. That's how that works, I'm pretty sure. If there were an award for "Most Unpredictable Talk Show Guest," Andre would be the frontrunner right now, until somebody tries to one-up him by pulling a similar stunt live on The Today Show.

G4 Is Going to Air the Remaining Episodes of Ryan Dunn's Show

When he died last week, Ryan Dunn had eight episodes left to air of Proving Ground, the show he co-hosted with Jessica Chobot on G4. G4 has since decided to air them starting on July 19, with the return of the show preceded by a special episode of Attack of the Show! dedicated to Dunn.