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Jonathan Coulton Is Taking Revenge on 'Glee' by Beating Them on the Charts

After the show Glee ripped off the arrangement and melody for Jonathan Coulton's cover of Sir Mix-a-Lot's "Baby Got Back" and refused to credit or pay him in any way, Coulton has taken to the internet to release a cover of Glee's cover of his cover. Titled "Baby Got Back (In the Style of Glee)" and complete with a photo of him making the "L for loser" gesture used in Glee's marketing, Jonathan Coulton has released the song on iTunes, Google Play, and AmazonMP3. The single is tearing up the iTunes charts, currently at #95, higher than any song from Glee is right [...]

NBC Hops on the Musical Teens Bandwagon with New Marching Band Comedy

Taking a cue from Glee and this weekend’s college a cappella comedy Pitch Perfect, NBC is developing a show about rhythmic youngsters all of its own. According to Deadline, the Peacock Network has hired Bucky Larson director/Simpsons producer Tom Brady to write a new series called The Swamp, which follows “a scramble-style college marching band” in New Orleans. If NBC picks up the show, it’ll be worth watching just to find out what a scramble-style marching band is and how that is different from a normal marching band.

Book of Mormon Star Andrew Rannells Joins Glee Creators' Comedy

Andrew Rannells, the scripture-totin' star of The Book of Mormon, is set to star in the surrogacy comedy from Glee's Ryan Murphy and Allison Adler. With those three involved, this pilot is gonna get greenlit faster than you can say "Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints."

New Girl Pulls In Big Ratings, Beats Even Glee

Despite releasing the New Girl pilot on iTunes last week (seriously, does anyone have any insight as to why they did that?), Fox's Zooey Deschanel vehicle pulled down 10.1 million viewers last night, even more so than lead-in program Glee. Which is ironic, since in real life being the New Girl and a part of Glee means you get your ass handed to you by the eighth grade girls behind the middle school. Ladies, you feel me?

An Entire Upcoming Episode of The Office Will Be Dedicated to Glee

Even when I actively avoid watching Glee, I can't escape Glee: "An entire upcoming episode of The Office will be dedicated to the Dunder Mifflin staff getting together to watch Glee."

Fox Doesn't Care that 'Glee' Ripped Off Jonathan Coulton's Cover Song

Last week, a new song from the TV show Glee was released online, an acoustic cover version of Sir-Mix-a-Lot's "Baby Got Back" that used the same melody, arrangement, and even some new lyrics from musician/comedian/internet superstar Jonathan Coulton's 2005 cover of "Baby Got Back" without paying or crediting Coulton and without his permission. Coulton took to the internet about the plagiarism and a ton of people came out in support of him over the blatant theft of material. The episode with the song in it aired last night, and Jonathan Coulton has an update on the situation after talking to the folks at Fox (via his [...]

FOX Reveals its Predictable New Schedule

As the first place network, FOX is different place than NBC and their predictable schedule suggests as much. Tuesday becomes their night of sitcoms, with the only somewhat comedic Glee moving to Thursdays. Raising Hope moves to 8:00, which is perfect for its family focus, and the hotly anticipated The Mindy Project goes right where it should be at 9:30, post New Girl. There isn't much to discuss, as it’s a pretty safe schedule. Check it out below. What do you think? Are these your go-to Tuesday plans?

ABC Buys Another Pun-Named Script, This Time From Ellen DeGeneres

Ellen DeGeneres has sold ABC Weitz & Wong, a comedy about "a mixed race Jewish-Chinese couple and their two children." Oh, ABC, you're killing me with these clever titles. It's the second sale for DeGeneres, who recently sold NBC a pilot. Also today, NBC bought a comedy from Glee creator Ryan Murphy about "a blended family of a gay couple and the woman who becomes a surrogate."

Why The Glee Porn Parody is the Worst Thing Ever

In theory, there was no way the This Ain’t Glee XXX porn parody wouldn’t be terrible. Cheesy singing, wholesome student-teacher relationships and unwanted teen pregnancy, all filtered through the lens of hardcore pornography? Luckily, that theory was absolutely correct.

This Ain’t Glee XXX is the worst porn parody I’ve ever seen, and it might be the worst thing I’ve ever seen, period. I say this as both a fan of Glee and a fan of pornography, one of which I’m ashamed to admit publicly.

Let me first answer your immediate questions: yes, there is singing. Yes, most of it is bad. No, they don’t sing real songs, they sing [...]

Did 'Glee' Plagiarize Jonathan Coulton's Cover of "Baby Got Back?"

Here's a cover of Sir Mix-a-Lot's "Baby Got Back" from the Fox show Glee, set to air on next week's episode. Jonathan Coulton recorded a cover of the song with the same arrangement and melody back in 2005 and took to Twitter today to shed some light on the alleged plagiarism. Coulton says he was never contacted by the Glee folks about using his arrangement, and it's pretty obvious that they're ripping him off because the Glee version includes the line "Johnny C's in trouble," which is only in his version because it's his name. Hit the jump for Coulton's original track so you can decide for yourself:

The Heartening State of Homosexual TV Characters

“I think I would be lying if I said that I didn’t expect, at some point, for some narrow-minded group of people to try to create some publicity” around Glee or Modern Family, said Dana Walden, the chairwoman of 20th Century Fox Television, which produces both shows. “The bottom line is that people embrace these characters completely.” – From a New York Times piece about the unexpected and heartening support and political influence of homosexual characters on television.

Jonah Hill Has A Lot Of Rage, Mostly Against Glee Cast Members

While I am currently still in psychological counseling to deal with his new-ish skinniness (Fat Jonah 4 LYFE), Jonah Hill's Fallon interview seems to suggest that losing a bunch of weight has at least awoken a dark serpent of fury within him, primarily at Glee's Matthew Morrison for ragging on him at the Fox upfronts. And it looks fantastic on him!

What Do We Think About These Emmy Submission Episodes, Hmmm?

While some programs are still selecting the episodes for their comedy Emmy submissions, Deadline has 10 episodes that have already been selected. How exactly does a show chose the handful of episodes to be judged? As Community's Dan Harmon put it, "I want to see character, I want to see story, I want to see television taken seriously. It’s grounded in character. Nobody is wearing a weird costume; no one is acting like they’re in The Matrix.” Or he just hasn't seen the best Matrix-based situation comedy script. Yet. Each series is allowed to submit 6 episodes for the category of Outstanding Comedy series, so let's start casting [...]