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Watch an Hour-Long Chat with Comedy Central President Kent Alterman

Grantland conducted this hour-plus conversation with Kent Alterman, head of original programming at Comedy Central. Alterman's been at the network for nearly two decades and has plenty of stuff to talk about, from giving a show to the Upright Citizens Brigade in the mid-'90s to working to develop Broad City.

Watch Bill Hader Go Really In Depth About the Stefon Process

Here's a five-minute interview of Bill Hader talking about the process of writing Stefon segments the entire time. Seriously, he doesn't talk about anything besides writing Stefon, and it manages to be interesting and funny the whole time. I bet Bill Hader has another hour of amazing behind-the-scenes Stefon anecdotes like these that we haven't heard yet.

Chuck Klosterman Sort Of Likes Louie

Today on Grantland, Chuck Klosterman gives a big, sloppy kiss to the new season of Louie: "This fall marks the 20th anniversary of Nirvana’s Nevermind, so lots of folks are talking and writing about how life-changing the release of that record was. But in 1991, Nevermind was not unilaterally appreciated — people argued about its merits constantly, and a lot of people hated it. We generally agree it’s awesome now, but that agreement is retrospective. Louie is not like that. Right now, Louie is like the Beatles in ’66, or maybe Joe DiMaggio in ’41." Do you think he likes it? I tend to agree with him, but also, [...]

Robert Smigel Talks About How Triumph the Insult Comic Dog Got That Accent

Former SNL and Late Night With Conan O'Brien writer Robert Smigel sat down with Bill Simmons over at Grantland to talk about the origins of his most famous creation, Triumph the Insult Comic Dog, and some of the canine's most high-profile celebrity encounters. Below, he talks about the 'Da Bears' movie he wrote with Bob Odenkirk that was never made.

Adam Sandler's Hidden Truth

"Sandler's truth is that his onscreen persona has aged with his fans and experienced the same things at roughly the same time they've experienced it. Over the course of 20 years, Adam Sandler has gone from being a staple of sleepovers to dorm rooms to lousy apartments to the suburbs. And in that time he's remained, essentially, the same guy: He's… the loudmouth buddy who's progressively less fun to hang out with as you get older." – From Grantland's Steven Hyden's beautiful account of the slight honesty in Sandler's films and the inevitability of growing too old for them.

Grantland on Alec Baldwin's Twitter Account

Guys, have you checked out the new website Grantland yet? It is technically an ESPN website but it has all these amazing writers and pieces that aren't at all about sports and boy I think I have four tabs open to various articles on it right now that I am saving to read when I have time, if ever. They keep piling up! Slow down, Grantland! In any case, here is one that fits into our wheelhouse to get you started: Molly Lambert on Alec Baldwin's Twitter account.

Here's What It's Like to Spend 36 Hours with Dan Harmon

"When any television show is lionized for being 'smart,' someone's laughing all the way to the bank — some company … That there's a difference between any of this shit is the greatest joke that television ever told. I mean, as the creator of Community, I'm telling you: It's all garbage. And the idea that my garbage, y'know, needed a better time slot or deserved an Emmy or didn't deserve an Emmy, the idea that it was better or worse than 30 Rock or Arrested Development or Freaks and Geeks and all that shit — you only have to take a couple steps back before you realize that you're looking at a bunch of goddamn baby [...]

Eating Pasta with Aziz Ansari

In what is one of the most brilliantly selfish column hooks ever, TV producer and Grantland writer Daniel Kellison's new recurring feature is called "Dinner with Daniel," and it centers on him going out to dinner with a celebrity and then "we drink as much good wine as we can, talk about food and life, and see where the conversation takes us." Sounds like fun! His first dining partner: Aziz Ansari (whose love of food is well documented).

It's a fun if rambling conversation, but I guess that's the point. There are fun anecdotes about Aziz's celebrity buddies Jay-Z, Kanye and LeBron James, and much less fun [...]