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Warner Brothers Has Reportedly Fast-Tracked a 'Gremlins' Reboot

In case you aren't satisfied with the upcoming big-screen returns of Police Academy, The Goonies, The Pink Panther, Fletch, Naked Gun, and Ghostbusters, Ain't It Cool News is also reporting that the 1984 comedy-horror Gremlins is the latest addition to the film reboot lineup. According to the report, Gremlins has joined Goonies as a fast-track priority for Warner Brothers. Probably the most interesting part of the Gremlins news is writer Chris Columbus's comments to Screen Rant back in 2012, where he said the Gremlins reboot would be "impossible to recreate in a CGI environment" since it would "lose that sense of [...]

The Anarchic Comedy of Joe Dante's 'Gremlins'

As a filmmaker, there is much more to Joe Dante than Gremlins, but there's a reason the 1984 film has been his most successful. Coupled with its screwball sequel, Gremlins represents Dante's sensibility, a self-aware and sometimes postmodern mixture of horror and comedy, at its most accessible and fully-realized. Joe Dante is a filmmaker in love with junk cinema: low budget sci-fi, classic monster movies, gag-a-minute vintage cartoons. Media that, to quote Tony Randall's Brain Gremlin from Gremlines 2, is “fun, but in no sense civilized.” Dante's films bring these disparate influences together and, like a Mogwai transforming into a Gremlin, makes them into something new, exciting and, above [...]