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Watch Hannibal Buress Make Fun of a Bunch of '90s R&B Videos

Here's a new video comedian Hannibal Buress made for Complex TV in which he ranks his "five most unintentionally funny R&B songs" and then proceeds to make fun of said songs and to finally put those '90s R&B artists in their place.

Hannibal Buress Explains His Comedy Central Show Snafu on 'Conan'

After telling Conan about the time he drunkenly met Scarlett Johansson, Hannibal Buress went on to give the perfect explanation why he tweeted out to his followers earlier this month that Comedy Central had picked up his show Unemployable, even though they have yet to do so: "I didn't make it up, I just kinda put my dreams out into the world." Hopefully after the show actually gets picked up, Buress's technique of tweeting something into existence will be an inspiration to many comedians out there hoping to get a show of their own.

Comedy Central to Debut Dave Attell's New Standup Show and Specials from Tracy Morgan, David Spade, and More Next Month

Comedy Central announced today that April will be "Standup Month" for the network, with a bunch of original one-hour specials debuting starting March 29th. Here's the list of premiere dates, including previously-announced dates for specials from Hannibal Buress and Jim Gaffigan:

  • Hannibal Buress: Live in Chicago – Saturday, March 29th at midnight
  • Patton Oswalt: Tragedy Plus Comedy Equals Time – Sunday, April 6th at 10pm (making its Comedy Central debut. Special debuted on cable network EPIX and streaming in January.
  • Dave Attell: Road Work – Saturday, April 12th at midnight
  • Comedy Underground with Dave Attell – a new 8-episode standup series hosted by Attell and featuring [...]

Hannibal Buress's New Hour Special Premieres on Comedy Central March 29th

Hannibal Buress's new standup special is on its way real soon. Splitsider has learned that it's called Hannibal Buress: Live from Chicago; the hour-long special will debut on Comedy Central on Saturday, March 29th. Live from Chicago was recorded at The Vic Theatre in Buress's native city on Saturday. This is the second special for Buress, a former SNL and 30 Rock writer who stars on both The Eric Andre Show and Broad City, following his 2012 special Hannibal Buress: Animal Furnace. Buress signed a deal to do the new Comedy Central hour special and to star in and executive produce a pilot for the network for his [...]

Hannibal Buress Defends His Gibberish Rap Skills on 'Totally Biased'

Standup Hannibal Buress dropped by Totally Biased last night, and ending up having to defend both his gibberish raps and Tina Fey's workout routine. He also shared a clip of him in sandwich-eating action as the sidekick on The Eric Andre Show, which, as they discuss, is as different from Totally Biased as two late night talk shows can be. Although Hannibal would be brilliant as a sidekick on both, if they could work out some custody-sharing agreement.

Mitch Hedberg Helped Out Hannibal Buress Early in His Career

Hannibal Buress did a Reddit AMA to promote his new standup special, and he ended up telling a pretty cool story about the late Mitch Hedberg being nice to him early on in his career:

"I started doing comedy in 2002 and I had a VHS tape of one of my first few sets. I took it to my RA, Open Mike Eagle. He watched it and said you sound like this dude, he played some [Mitch] Hedberg for me. I thought it was amazing.

Mitch played Zanies in Chicago in 2005. I was brand new and I went up to his green room and asked for [...]

Hannibal Buress Talks About Impersonating Donald Glover in This Preview of His New Comedy Central Special

Here are two preview clips from Hannibal Buress's new Comedy Central standup special, Live from Chicago, which debuts on Comedy Central Saturday, March 29th, at midnight, and will be available on the 24th via CC: Stand-Up Direct. In the first clip (above), he talks about saying he's Donald Glover in order to get into an Eddie Griffin show in Las Vegas for free, and in the second clip (below), he tells a story about an ecstasy trip.

Hannibal Buress Talks All Things New Orleans on 'The Tonight Show'

During his standup set on last night's Tonight Show, Hannibal Buress explored the weird and wonderful world of New Orleans, where you can order drinks to go and police officers take time out of their day to assist you with your five-man bachelor party parade. Hannibal Time sounds pretty addictive.

Hannibal Buress's Appearance on 'Windy City Live' Is the Only Justin Bieber Coverage You Need

Hannibal Buress is filming his Comedy Central standup special in Chicago this weekend, so yesterday he appeared on local morning talk show Windy City Live. What began as a promotional guest appearance quickly devolved into Buress becoming Windy City Live's very reluctant resident Justin Bieber expert after news broke of the pop star's arrest, but he managed to get the anchors somewhat back on track despite their awkward and annoying questions. Protip: If a talk show guest tells you he started comedy in college and you later ask him if he graduated high school, you're not doing your job right.

Watch Hannibal Buress Try to Buy Al Madrigal's Joke About His Dad

Hannibal Buress, Al Madrigal, and Jeffrey Ross all performed at the first Oddball Comedy & Curiosity Festival in Austin last week, and Funny & Die managed to capture some pretty shady backstage dealings between the comics. But on the plus side, start practicing your best "my family is crazy" stories and you could make dozens of dollars off Hannibal.

Talking with Hannibal Buress About 'Broad City,' Preparing for Onscreen Roles, and His New Standup Special

Hannibal Buress has come a long way from being a writer for SNL and 30 Rock and sometimes a crazy homeless man, enjoying a steady rise to success as both a popular standup and hilarious supporting television player on The Eric Andre Show and more recently Comedy Central's Broad City. His newest Comedy Central project, an hourlong standup special Hannibal Buress: Live From Chicago, airs on the network tomorrow night at midnight, so ahead of its premiere I talked to Buress about how his standup has evolved, his experience acting on Broad City and Seth Rogen's Neighbors, his Comedy Central pilot, the power of "Hannibal's Hands," and how [...]

Hannibal Buress Says Comedy Central Ordered 10 Episodes of His Show 'Unemployable' (UPDATE)

Standup Hannibal Buress announced today via Twitter that Comedy Central has picked up his new show, Unemployable, for 10 episodes. Unemployable is a reality comedy series that follows Buress trying out a different job each week, with standup from him mixed in. Comedy Central ordered a pilot of the show back in May. There's no word yet on when the series will premiere.

Buress described his show to us earlier this week in an interview that's going up in a couple weeks. Here's what he had to say:

My pilot is just me doing different jobs, a comedian version of Dirty Jobs. So it's just me working [...]

Here's a Compilation of Homeless Hannibal Buress Scenes from '30 Rock'

In addition to being a 30 Rock writer, Hannibal Buress had the distinct honor of getting to play the show's trademark homeless guy and was behind some of 30 Rock's most bizarrely hilarious blink-and-you'll-miss-it moments. Though no homeless 30 Rock character will ever be as authentic as Moonvest, the above compilation of Hannibal's scenes has finally been created to give his performances the collective recognition they deserve. It also makes a great case for 30 Rock's devotion to making sure even the smallest details were as funny as possible.

Talking to Hannibal Buress About 'The Eric Andre Show', His Comedy Central Pilot, and 'Broad City'

Comedian Hannibal Buress just keeps getting busier and busier. This year, he returns as co-host on Adult Swim's The Eric Andre Show (which just started airing its second season), while voice acting on China, IL and going on tour with Funny or Die's recent Dave Chappelle/Flight of the Conchords-fronted Oddball Fest and The Eric Andre Show Live next month. Next year will see the debut of Comedy Central's Broad City (on which he has a big recurring role), his new Comedy Central hour special, and FXX's Chozen, another animated series he's lending his unique voice too. On top of all that, he's creating and starring in [...]