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Robert Smigel Looks Back on His 'Hans and Franz' Movie That Never Got Made

Here's a backstage clip of Robert Smigel at Late Night looking back on one of his SNL movies that never came to be — a "Hans and Franz" musical co-written with Dana Carvey, Kevin Nealon, and Conan O'Brien that involved Arnold Schwarzenegger, a musical number called "Play It Cool," and muscle dancing. It's truly a shame this idea never made it to the big screen.

The Lost Roles of Dana Carvey

One of the most popular SNL cast members of all time, Dana Carvey became one of only three people to win an Emmy for his tenure on the show in 1993 (joining Chevy Chase and Gilda Radner, who received the award in 1976 and 1978, respectively). Carvey was at the forefront of an eclectic group of cast members and writers (including Phil Hartman, Mike Myers, Conan O’Brien, Greg Daniels, Bob Odenkirk, and Sen. Al Franken, amongst others) who saved the show from its most tumultuous decade ever – the 1980s – and rang in what was then the most fertile period in SNL’s history since its 70s Glory Era. [...]