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Hans Beinholtz Visits 'The Colbert Report' to Ponder the Pointlessness of Life

People who prefer a bleak and pessimistic outlook on life were validated by the news this week that they live longer, healthier lives than their more positive friends, which turned into the perfect opportunity for The Colbert Report to welcome another visit from its favorite German, the Honorable Hans Beinholtz. Beinholtz takes a few moments to reflect on life, death, and the time's slowly tightening grip on the soul, but he seems pleased to hear that his pessimistic perspective has moved him further away from the eternal relief that is death rather than closer to it.

Hans Beinholtz Comments on Team USA's German Coach on 'The Colbert Report'

German ambassador to the United Nations and occasional Colbert guest Hans Beinholtz paid a visit to the show last night to help Colbert understand why the US soccer team's German coach is so pessimistic about their odds of winning the World Cup. As usual, Beinholtz offers up some much needed perspective — who really cares about winning and losing anyway when we're all in line to lose to death's icy grip?

A Video Guide to Colbert's Terrifying German Ambassador Hans Beinholtz

Early January is a bleak time of the year. Overly optimistic resolutions are made, cheerful holiday vibes fade away, and festive snow devolves into perpetual ice drizzle and polar vortexes. But the honorable Hans Beinholtz, German Ambassador to the United Nations and occasional scene-stealing guest on The Colbert Report, can remind us to find the sunshine within the despair.

Beinholtz is played by writer, actor, and legendary New York folk musician Erik Frandsen, who has backed Bob Dylan, Harry Belafonte, and The Muppets, played with the G.E. Smith band on Saturday Night Live, and written and performed in a host of theatrical productions. He's also appeared in "dozens" of [...]